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Next Generation Color Technology

The traditional oil-based paint consisted of an oil colorant added to oil paint to create a variety of colors. As the industry became more environmentally friendly, waterborne paint was introduced. With water-based paint, the manufactures were tasked to come up with a way to use the traditional oil colorants. Will vegetable oil on your hands be rinsed off with water? No. What do you need to get the oil off? Soap. The chemists created a universal colorant, encapsulating the oil colorant in soap to be added to the water-based paint, glycol. Adding soap/oil colorant to a waterborne paint was essentially weakening the paint.

Benjamin Moore realized that if they made their own colorants, designed specifically for their paints, they could remove unnecessary chemicals that weaken paint. What they ended up with is a formula that’s better, stronger and simpler.

In 2006, Benjamin Moore launched Gennex, they were the first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne tinting system. But the difference is that our zero-VOC paints are able to remain zero-VOC even after being tinted with Gennex colorants. The same can’t be said of paint manufacturers who use generic, one-size-fits-all colorant. Sherwin Williams Paints and PPG have only just begun to experiment with the idea of a waterborne tinting system, which is why Benjamin Moore remains the leader in color and green technology.


With Century, Benjamin Moore continues its long-standing legacy of innovation. Developed for those for whom ordinary is not an option, Century is a small batch interior paint available in a curated palette of 75 pre-mixed colors-each with unprecedented depth and richness. It’s for those who go beyond flawless execution to create rooms full of intrigue and imagination.

Century gives walls aliveness, an unprecedented richness and depth of color unlike anything the design world has seen. Century is the first paint with a Soft Touch Matte Finish, the result of a precise science that adds a new dimension to walls, similar to a soft leather glove. Century not only transforms a room. It transforms paint. Century is a new dimension in paint and design.

Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®

SCUFF-X is an interior latex paint engineered to resist scuffmarks. It is a low-VOC, 1-component paint that provides superior scuff-resistance compared to 2-component coatings while avoiding strong odor, pre-mixing, and short pot-life. Recommended applications include hallways, stairwells, lobbies, offices, locker rooms, restrooms and retail fitting rooms.

In 2017-the first year it launched-SCUFF-X earned three high-profile awards.

SCUFF-X received the Grand Award (1st place) in the Product Innovations Program category by BUILDINGS media. The other awards included the 2017 Editors’ Choice award from Architectural Record’s Product of the Year, and the Best Product Award from The Architect’s Newspaper.


A Dry Erase Paint That Goes Wherever You Need It

Whether in a residential, professional or commercial interior space, Notable supports the concept that great ideas can surface anywhere. Dry erase boards are made easy with our comprehensive kit, which comes with a 2-component paint system, a roller-cover, and detailed application instructions.

Notable Dry Erase can be applied to almost any surface:

  • Painted Wall
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Laminate

Meet the Team at Benjamin Moore Maui

Michelle Heller


I moved to Maui in August 2009 after being honorably discharged from the US Navy. Days after moving to the island, the painting company that my father worked for shut their doors after 20 plus years in business. With no experience as business owners, we worked hard to open Da Kine Painters, LLC., in an effort to continue servicing the established clientele and grow our new brand with the previous company’s blessing.

To learn more about running our growing business, I soon enrolled in UH Maui College, and focused on Business courses while pursuing training in my passion, early childhood education. Upon graduating in May 2015 with a BAS in Applied Business and Information Technology, I applied what I had learned in school and from working with my father to open Da Kine Paints LLC., an independent Benjamin Moore paint store.

When not working, I enjoy going to the beach, hiking, walking my dog, and spending time with family and friends. An entrepreneur at heart, I am looking to open another Da Kine Paints location in Kihei, then Lahaina, and maybe one day a preschool to pursue my ultimate passion. When you put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless.


Sales Associate

 I enjoy working for Benjamin Moore, Da Kine Paints, because it is a family owned business….and what’s better than supporting a local business?  Working here has given me a lot of painting knowledge that I never had before.  When I’m not at the store I enjoy going to the beach with friends and going on hiking adventures around the island.

James Collins

James is the newest addition to the Da Kine Paints family. He loves coming to work with mommy and grandpa. He has been in the paint industry since August 2018, with a lifetime of experience ahead of him.


Store Mascot

She just turned two this year. She loves helping customers pick out colors and is great entertainment for the Keiki while parents shop. She has plans to become a mother this year.

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