Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command

Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command

Are you planning to paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Painting cabinets can make a huge difference in the look and style of a space. The trick is, you have to use paint that is durable enough to be touched many times per day and wiped down frequently.  

Today, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command. These two paints are popular with painting contractors and homeowners alike for their durability. However, there are some key differences between them. Read on to learn more about these two paint options from Benjamin Moore. 

Cabinet Paint Options

If you’re looking for Benjamin Moore cabinet paint, Advance and Command are two of the options that are available to you. Both Benjamin Moore Advance and Command will dry with a hard, durable finish that’s great for cabinets.

Here’s a brief side-by-side comparison of the two paints:

Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Advance Paint for CabinetsCorotech Command Paint for Cabinets
Available in thousands of colors
Dry Time Touch: 4 hoursDry Time Touch: 15 minutes
Dry Time Recoat: 16 hoursDry Time Recoat: just 1 hour!
Low odor/low VOCSlightly higher VOC
Easy to applyEasy to apply
Cleans up easily with soap and waterCleans up easily with soap and water
Great for residential settingsGreat for commercial, industrial, and residential settings
Waterborne interior alkydWaterborne acrylic urethane
Great adhesionGreat adhesion
Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onBest when sprayed on
Suitable for: interior doors, trim, cabinets, walls, ceilings, plaster, masonry, wood, metalSuitable for: metal, concrete, vinyl, laminate, fiberglass, masonry, wood, drywall, plaster
Sheens: available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-glossSheens: available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss

The Main Differences Between Advance and Corotech Command

You may notice that the biggest difference here is in drying time. 

Advance paint for cabinets will take about 16 hours to dry, which makes it pretty much impossible to get two coats done in one day. It’ll be a multi-day project. Corotech Command paint is ideal for any application where you need something that dries very quickly. It offers minimal disruption to your day because you can apply a second coat in just an hour. 

Advance paint dries a bit more slowly, which allows it to self-level so you don’t have much texture from brush strokes or rollers. Command, on the other hand, tends to show more imperfections like brush strokes and tiny bubbles. Command can get tacky if overworked, so you’ll need to work more quickly.

Command paint has a bit of a stronger odor until it is completely dry. If you’re concerned about fumes or harmful chemicals, you may prefer the low-VOC paint Advance. 

That being said, Command does have an advantage when it comes to durability. It’s designed to take a lot of use and abuse in commercial and industrial settings. This makes it more than durable enough for your home cabinets, even if they tend to get a lot of wear and tear. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Need to upgrade your kitchen? If you have outdated wood or laminate cabinets, painting them can be a fantastic way to update them and transform the look of your kitchen.

When painting kitchen cabinets, you need a smooth finish that will be easy to clean. Usually, a semi-gloss or satin finish is a good choice for kitchen cabinets, as it’s easy to wipe away food splatters, spills, grease, and fingerprints.  

No matter what paint you choose, it’s very important to prep your cabinets properly. Remove the doors and hardware for a more professional-looking paint job. Clean your cabinets thoroughly, sand,and prime them with a fast-drying primer. When you complete these steps, your paint will adhere better, and you’ll have great results.

For kitchen cabinets, both Advance and Corotech Command paint are good options. The choice depends on the homeowner’s and the painter’s preferences.

Painting Bathroom Cabinets

For bathroom cabinets, moisture is the main consideration. Steamy showers, kids splashing water, frequent cleaning – a bathroom paint needs to be durable to withstand it all. It needs to have excellent adhesion to make sure it doesn’t peel away from the surface, even in a humid environment. 

You also need your cabinets to be easy to wipe clean, much like kitchen cabinets.

Prepping bathroom cabinets is the same as kitchen cabinets. Make sure to remove the doors and hardware, clean everything thoroughly, and lightly sand the surface. Using a fast-drying primer before painting will help the paint adhere better. 

For bathroom cabinets, both Advance and Command can be great options. Both of these paints are durable enough to withstand plenty of use. That being said, Advance is generally the top choice for cabinets, while Command excels on high-traffic surfaces such as floors. 

When can I use my cabinets after painting?

When you’re painting a highly-touched surface like drawers and cabinets, make sure you let the paint cure fully. While the paint may be dry to the touch within a few hours, it hasn’t fully hardened yet. You can use your cabinets, just do your best not to ding them up or get them dirty for about 2 weeks. 

Where can I get Benjamin Moore cabinet paint on Maui?

Da Kine Paints is the place to go for cabinet paint on Maui. You can choose from a wide selection of Benjamin Moore paints for your interior and exterior walls, trim, cabinetry, and more. We can also help you choose the right paint for your project and budget. 

If you have any questions, reach out to your local paint supply Kahului location of Da Kine Paints. We’ll do whatever we can to find you the right paint for your next project!

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  1. You state command is available in semi gloss. However, I am told it is only available in Flat, Satin, and High Gloss.

    1. Command is suitable for interior and exterior applications and is available in Satin and Gloss. Advance is available in Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss. Advance High Gloss sheen can be used Interior and Exterior.

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