Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

Measure your area not once but twice before buying paint.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “you can’t paint a room until you measure it.” Well, we feel the same way. Measuring before you start painting your walls or ceilings is the best way to keep from over (or worse, under) buying paint. Will you need more than a quart of paint coverage? More than a gallon?

Paint coverage of a high-quality gallon is usually about 400 square feet. That means that a quart of paint coverage is around 100 square feet (a quart is a quarter of a gallon). One thing to keep in mind is that each paint choice will spread a little differently. Get to know our different Benjamin Moore paint lines before diving in. 

Pick a Line, Any Line
Just make sure the product matches the job.

Paint coverage is one of the most important factors when it comes to painting. Our paint supply Kahului store of Da Kine Paints offers a wide range of colors and finishes that are guaranteed to cover well and give you a beautiful, long-lasting look. We have something for every part of your home—indoors, outdoors, or art projects! The Aura line sparkles with bold, long-lasting color. Our exterior paint selections are perfect for your siding or deck. ARBORCOAT, our well-known wood stain line protects against moisture damage on wood surfaces. Primer creates an even surface, so the coats of color on top come out smooth. Let’s learn how much coverage you get in a quart from each category.

Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

These high-quality choices can cover a lot with just one quart.


A bold paint for making colorful first impressions.

Our Aura Maui paint covers approximately 100 square feet with a quart. 

That’s perfect for bringing a pop of color to some trim, a piece of furniture, or a work of art on the back fence. Make sure you have enough for the recommended two coats for the best coverage! 

Aura Interior Paint makes walls, ceilings, cabinets, and trim inside homes or offices absolutely glow since there are no gray or black pigments in this renowned paint line. Aura Exterior paint is the best protection against harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow, and salt spray from the tropical ocean air. Aura Bath & Spa is a custom line made just for high-humidity spaces with mildew resistance, zero VOCs, and the patented Gennex technology that keeps paint looking fresh.

Exterior Paint

Protect your home and pick from exterior lines that resist cracking and fading.

We carry a few lines of exterior paint, but most quarts cover a little more than 100 feet (since a gallon covers 400 square feet). 

This is perfect for a small fence or deck project . Our exterior lines include Aura, Regal Select, and Ultra Spec®. As mentioned above, Aura is great for bright colors, but Regal Select, Benjamin Moore’s flagship brand for over 60 years, is easy to apply with smooth leveling and looks fresh for years with mildew and stain resistance. Got a rough surface like aluminum, stucco, concrete, or vinyl? The Regal Select line is the best choice for the job. The Ultra Spec® line is perfect for any run-of-the-mill job or lower-budget project that still needs great paint. All lines come in thousands of colors and we can match any color you have if you bring a paint chip into Da Kine Paints your paint supply Kahului store.


With oil and latex-based stains, we’ve got your wood surfaces covered.

Because ARBORCOAT is a stain, it stretches further than acrylic. You can get about 150 square feet of coverage from one quart, depending on how many coats you’re using. One gallon covers 500-600 square feet.

Whether you’re looking to color or protect some wood (inside or outside your home), ARBORCOAT has all your bases covered. It comes in both oil and latex forms to give you the tools you need for the job you have. We also offer an extra high gloss finish for unmatched protection against damage from moisture, which is great for those living in tropical climates (yeah, you!). Benjamin Moore recommends at least three coats when using ARBORCOAT on wood surfaces to fully guard against moisture damage, while still providing a shiny, beautiful finish.  


Prep your surface well before your next coat goes on.

A quart of Benjamin Moore primer will cover around 100 square feet (yes, a gallon is around 400 square feet), but the more you put down, the better.

It’s important to use a primer to make a smooth, flat surface before you put your color on, to cover up any imperfections. Our primers include Fresh Start® Premium Interior and Exterior, Sure Seal™ Latex Primer, which is like glue from the paint to the surface (and bonus—low VOCs). Whether you have an interior or exterior job, using a primer is a sure way to ensure a smooth painting surface for that color you thought about for so long. 


Calculate your Benjamin Moore paint coverage needs here.

The thing is each paint is going to coat each surface differently. One of the best ways to calculate how much paint you’ll need is by using the incredibly helpful Paint Estimator. Just type in the length, width, and height of the area as well as any windows or doors (we love this feature!) and click “Calculate” to get your results. You can even print your recommendation to bring into your local paint supply Kahului store, Da Kine Paints.

Benjamin Moore paint coverage FAQs

What is the best type of Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Our well-known top-of-the-line paint is the Aura line, which comes in a wide variety of colors with greater coverage and excellent hiding power, so it’s an obvious choice if you want to create depth and dimension or make dramatic color changes to a part of your home.

How much coverage does one quart of Benjamin Moore paint give? 

A quart of paint coverage usually covers about 100 square feet, depending on how many coats you use and the way you apply it. Most gallons cover approximately 400 square feet. It’s always better to overbuy than underbuy paint—if you have extra, you can get creative with furniture or trim!

What is the coverage of Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT? 

ARBORCOAT stains are great for protecting and adding color to unpainted surfaces. One gallon can coat 500-600 square feet! ARBORCOAT provides a protective layer, a nice sheen, and can be used on a huge variety of wood types and surface textures. Great for gazebos, decks, and hand-crafted wood projects.

How do I get the most paint coverage?

Really, by prepping everything ahead of time, including sanding surfaces, laying down tarps, getting high-quality brushes, rollers, and paint, the rest is a cinch. If you’re trying to make your quart stretch, use a brush instead of a roller, as rollers soak up a lot of paint. Try using just a bit on the end of your brush and work quickly with even strokes. Let dry fully and enjoy the new look!

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