Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command

Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command

Are you planning to paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Painting cabinets can make a huge difference in the look and style of a space. The trick is, you have to use paint that is durable enough to be touched many times per day and wiped down frequently.  

Today, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command. These two paints are popular with painting contractors and homeowners alike for their durability. However, there are some key differences between them. Read on to learn more about these two paint options from Benjamin Moore. 

Cabinet Paint Options

If you’re looking for Benjamin Moore cabinet paint, Advance and Command are two of the options that are available to you. Both Benjamin Moore Advance and Command will dry with a hard, durable finish that’s great for cabinets.

Here’s a brief side-by-side comparison of the two paints:

Benjamin Moore Advance vs Command: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Advance Paint for CabinetsCorotech Command Paint for Cabinets
Available in thousands of colors
Dry Time Touch: 4 hoursDry Time Touch: 15 minutes
Dry Time Recoat: 16 hoursDry Time Recoat: just 1 hour!
Low odor/low VOCSlightly higher VOC
Easy to applyEasy to apply
Cleans up easily with soap and waterCleans up easily with soap and water
Great for residential settingsGreat for commercial, industrial, and residential settings
Waterborne interior alkydWaterborne acrylic urethane
Great adhesionGreat adhesion
Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onBest when sprayed on
Suitable for: interior doors, trim, cabinets, walls, ceilings, plaster, masonry, wood, metalSuitable for: metal, concrete, vinyl, laminate, fiberglass, masonry, wood, drywall, plaster
Sheens: available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-glossSheens: available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss

The Main Differences Between Advance and Corotech Command

You may notice that the biggest difference here is in drying time. 

Advance paint for cabinets will take about 16 hours to dry, which makes it pretty much impossible to get two coats done in one day. It’ll be a multi-day project. Corotech Command paint is ideal for any application where you need something that dries very quickly. It offers minimal disruption to your day because you can apply a second coat in just an hour. 

Advance paint dries a bit more slowly, which allows it to self-level so you don’t have much texture from brush strokes or rollers. Command, on the other hand, tends to show more imperfections like brush strokes and tiny bubbles. Command can get tacky if overworked, so you’ll need to work more quickly.

Command paint has a bit of a stronger odor until it is completely dry. If you’re concerned about fumes or harmful chemicals, you may prefer the low-VOC paint Advance. 

That being said, Command does have an advantage when it comes to durability. It’s designed to take a lot of use and abuse in commercial and industrial settings. This makes it more than durable enough for your home cabinets, even if they tend to get a lot of wear and tear. 

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Need to upgrade your kitchen? If you have outdated wood or laminate cabinets, painting them can be a fantastic way to update them and transform the look of your kitchen.

When painting kitchen cabinets, you need a smooth finish that will be easy to clean. Usually, a semi-gloss or satin finish is a good choice for kitchen cabinets, as it’s easy to wipe away food splatters, spills, grease, and fingerprints.  

No matter what paint you choose, it’s very important to prep your cabinets properly. Remove the doors and hardware for a more professional-looking paint job. Clean your cabinets thoroughly, sand,and prime them with a fast-drying primer. When you complete these steps, your paint will adhere better, and you’ll have great results.

For kitchen cabinets, both Advance and Corotech Command paint are good options. The choice depends on the homeowner’s and the painter’s preferences.

Painting Bathroom Cabinets

For bathroom cabinets, moisture is the main consideration. Steamy showers, kids splashing water, frequent cleaning – a bathroom paint needs to be durable to withstand it all. It needs to have excellent adhesion to make sure it doesn’t peel away from the surface, even in a humid environment. 

You also need your cabinets to be easy to wipe clean, much like kitchen cabinets.

Prepping bathroom cabinets is the same as kitchen cabinets. Make sure to remove the doors and hardware, clean everything thoroughly, and lightly sand the surface. Using a fast-drying primer before painting will help the paint adhere better. 

For bathroom cabinets, both Advance and Command can be great options. Both of these paints are durable enough to withstand plenty of use. That being said, Advance is generally the top choice for cabinets, while Command excels on high-traffic surfaces such as floors. 

When can I use my cabinets after painting?

When you’re painting a highly-touched surface like drawers and cabinets, make sure you let the paint cure fully. While the paint may be dry to the touch within a few hours, it hasn’t fully hardened yet. You can use your cabinets, just do your best not to ding them up or get them dirty for about 2 weeks. 

Where can I get Benjamin Moore cabinet paint on Maui?

Da Kine Paints is the place to go for cabinet paint on Maui. You can choose from a wide selection of Benjamin Moore paints for your interior and exterior walls, trim, cabinetry, and more. We can also help you choose the right paint for your project and budget. 

If you have any questions, reach out to your local paint supply Kahului location of Da Kine Paints. We’ll do whatever we can to find you the right paint for your next project!

2022 Paint Color Trends Overview

2022 Paint Color Trends Overview

As we move into 2022, there is a lot of buzz around the color green. Consumers are seeing green options integrated more and more into their interior design choices. Design experts predict shades of green will begin showing up more and more on store shelves in the coming 12 months. 

It makes total sense that paint manufacturers would begin creating palettes to accommodate this decorating shift. A favorite paint choice among designers is Benjamin Moore, which is known for its high-quality formula and continues to wow customers with its on-point 2022 paint color trends palette. 

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022 - October Mist

Benjamin Moore would like you to “make room for color” in 2022 with cool neutrals, comfy corals, and touches of buttery yellows. This year’s 2022 paint color trends palette features organic, botanical hues that combine seamlessly for endless decorating possibilities. Staying on trend, its Color of the Year is none other than the beautiful October Mist (1495), a soft, warm sage green. 

October Mist is a versatile paint color choice sensible for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen cabinets alike. While not the most adventurous color, October Mist certainly makes the 2022 green paint color trend accessible to a wide audience. 

As a matter of fact, six out of the fourteen color options chosen for Benjamin Moore’s 2022 paint color trends palette are green or have green undertones. These colors are distinct on their own yet can be matched with so many other colors like reds and yellows. 

This choice by Benjamin Moore is telling, given how positively the overall market has signaled in favor of the color green. Their 2022 palette also provides Hint of Violet, a beautiful compliment to green, suitable for many accent purposes. The overall feeling of Benjamin Moore 2022 paint color trends palette is organic and approachable.  

2021 Paint Color Trends vs. 2022

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 - Aegean Teal

After years of flat grays, last year brought us a shift to warmer spa-like moods with 2021 paint color trends. Paint manufacturers were focused on feelings of wellbeing when releasing their palettes. Gray tones were certainly not gone, but they were mixed with shades of teals and blues. 

Benjamin Moore led the way by naming its Aegean Teal (2136-40) as the 2021 Color of the Year. A tranquil aqua teal blue, this color pushed trends in the perfect direction from serene grays to pallets of reflection and relaxation. As we moved into 2022, the paint color trend story continued seamlessly as organic greens replace the sanctuary of gray-blues. By understanding our customers moods, our color and design experts can provide color options to best fit every customer.    

Benjamin Moore Color Samples

Curated paint color trends are very inspiring but can also be overwhelming when you are faced with so many choices. Narrow your search and focus on your favorites. Paint has a huge impact on a space so choose to live in what you love. 

Two helpful visualization tools offered by us, your local paint store Kahului, are half pint paint samples and peel & stick paint swatches. These samples allow you to take paint colors you are considering into your home and visualize how they will behave. Every home has unique space and lighting. By utilizing samples, you can be 100% confident you are making the right decision before taping and rolling. 

Half Pint Paint Color Samples

Give your Benjamin Moore color samples a test run before you purchase a larger quantity. With these small versions of colors, you can replicate exactly what your paint will look like in your home. A best practice is to make sure you have an acrylic paintbrush (or several) small enough to fit into the half pint can sample(s). Then, choose a wall in the space you are planning to paint and brush on at least a 2-ft by 3-ft rectangle each of the colors you are debating. 

You will want to position the colors next to one another, but not quite touching. It may also be beneficial to paint color samples on several areas of your home, if your goal is to cover a large space. Colors change based on which direction the wall is facing and what base paint color is underneath.  

Allow the colors to dry and then look at them at different times throughout the day. Colors will change shades in sunlight and at nighttime. They will also look different depending on what types of lightbulbs are cast upon them. 

Once you’ve had a few days with your Benjamin Moore paint color samples, go with your gut and choose the color that makes you happy – which could be none. Don’t be afraid to admit that you might need to go back to the drawing board and find new inspiration. Afterall, the worst-case scenario is painting your home with a color you dislike.  

Peel & Stick Paint Samples

We offer a step above traditional paper paint chips – peel & stick 12×12 samples. Actual paint has been applied to these large-scale color swatches. Repositionable, the peel & stick samples adhere directly to your wall and are available in the most popular colors. 

For example, try the color in your bedroom and then move it to your kitchen for maximum decision-making versatility. The peel & stick samples are also flexible enough to be wrapped around corners and into wall edges. Removing these color samples is simple. They will not damage existing paint or leave residue.

Color Matching

What if the color you love isn’t found on traditional our color samples? From clothing to interior décor pieces and even from rival paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams color samples, matching paint color inspirations can come from all sorts of places. 

Thankfully, as your trusted paint supply partner in Kahului, we have the color matching technology to deliver the paint colors your space has been dreaming of. Simply bring the item or paint chip into our Maui paint store and allow Benjamin Moore’s paint with Gennex technology do the custom-matching. Your color will be brought to life in a matter of minutes.   

A Full-Service Maui Paint Store

Da Kine Paints offers expert paint advice and professional supplies as the only Benjamin Moore retailer on Maui. Ready for your next project? Let us help you choose the best color for your space. 

Best Paint for Steamy Ceilings

The Best Bathroom Paint for Steamy Ceilings

Between the frequent moisture, humidity, and steam, it’s no surprise that these areas require special bathroom paint to withstand those endurances. All in all, ceiling paint for bathrooms is designed to high-perform against humidity, mildew, and maintain rich color tones simultaneously.

Now, it might seem like straightforward reasoning to use moisture resistant paint for bathrooms as opposed to one that isn’t. However, not all bathroom paint is created equal. In fact, some are filled with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can hinder overall ceiling aesthetics and quality of life. 

Click here to read about our Benjamin Moore Green Promise.

Below is a comprehensive overview on the intricacies of bathroom paint. This overview will offer under-the-surface knowledge of the why’s and how’s. It can also act as a guide to ensure your chosen bathroom ceiling paint offers more benefits than just moisture protection. 

Moisture Resistant Bathroom Paint

VOC-free and moisture resistant paint for bathrooms like we offer is ideal for countering the adversities of steam. We are able to offer these high-quality paint because we use Benjamin Moore Gennex paint tints. The reason is because they eliminate the risk of inhaling VOC emissions such as benzene, ethylene glycol fungicides, and formaldehyde. They also are strategically fortified to prevent ceiling degradation caused by moisture over time. 

Even more, bathroom paint is distinguishable for possessing higher levels of mildewcide. Mildewcide slows mold and mildew growth, which could harm health and cause costly structural/drywall damages if left untreated.

To optimize the quality and durability of your bathroom ceiling paint, be sure that you install proper ventilation. Proper ventilation practices such as opening windows and using ventilation fans can reduce the impacts of humidity and moisture.

A duo primer and Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa matte-finished ceiling paint for bathrooms is a wonderful option to accentuate health and aesthetic longevity. You could also use a glossy finish, but that is not recommended. Overall, glossy finishes tend to be overly reflective and often highlight ceiling imperfections. 

Kitchen & Bath Satin sheen paints are also safe to use in bathrooms. This is because they have higher sheen values, are easier to clean, and offer harder finishes that help prevent moisture penetration. 

The Benefits of Benjamin Moore Zero-VOC Moisture Resistant Paint

When opting for moisture resistant paint for bathrooms, ensure that it is also VOC-free. Because when intertwining both, it enables you to unlock a large inventory of benefits ranging from health to interior quality. Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Reduced risk of facing health concerns directly related to mold and mildew growth
  • Eliminates short- and long-term health and environmental effects of VOC emissions 
  • Prevents drywall and other structural damage that can result in costly repairs
  • Avoids the need to invest in any other additives, hardeners, or thinners 
  • Offers excellent adhesion for crack proofing, color retention, and yellow coloring resistance 
  • Easy to sustain, maintain, and clean without the aid of harsh solvents 

Regarding oil paint vs. latex paint for bathroom ceilings, water-based latex is usually the better option for moisture resistance. Yes, oil paint is very reliable and durable. However, it typically needs mineral spirits to clean, requires extended dry times, and actually attracts mold. Oil paint can also leave your bathroom ceiling susceptible to yellowing in low light conditions.

Preparing A Bathroom Ceiling For Painting 

Moisture resistant paint for bathrooms is fundamental for health and appeal success. But that is contingent upon how prepared you are to optimize those outcomes. In general, there are several preparation steps to take before applying your bathroom ceiling paint. 

Step One: Verify There Are No Asbestos In Your Ceiling

Nearly all homes before 1989 had asbestos in their bathrooms, and it is important to check for that before painting. Because even though it is not dangerous when dormant, pre-painting activities could release asbestos dust/fibers into the air. To avoid this health risk, seek professional assistance and ensure your home is asbestos-free before taking the next steps. 

Step Two: Ceiling Preparation and Cleaning 

If your bathroom ceiling contains no asbestos, then you can begin prepping by putting coverings over stationary fixtures first. Afterwards, take down any ceiling lights, patch holes, and scrap off any existing flacking paint. If you notice any mold in the corners, get rid of it before applying paint. You can do this by creating a solution of 2 parts bleach and 10 parts water mixed into a spray bottle.
Remember, mold-resistant paint does not kill existing mold, and if painted over, there is a good chance it will reappear. 

Step Three: Ensure Your Bathroom Is Dry 

Once you finalized prepping, the next thing you will want to do is avoid showering or using that room. For maximum assurance, avoid using the bathroom 12 to 24-hours, and apply your first coat only after that duration has cleared. When painting bathroom ceilings, we recommend using a 2 1/2-inch angled sash brush, a 9-inch roller, and an adjustable step ladder. 

Step Four: Paint Away 

If you are using a separate primer, apply it first and give it time to dry before applying paint. This will reduce the risk of pealing and lifting from the humidity and moisture. Consider applying two coats for lighter ceiling colors and 3-4 coats for darker ones, while always keeping ventilation high. Wait at least 4-5 hours after the final coat is applied to begin using your bathroom normally. 

Summary – Not All Paints Are Created Equal 

There is no denying that choosing the right ceiling paint for bathrooms is vital to sustainable appeal and your health. This is especially true for VOC-free bathroom paint that optimizes performance and solidifies health assurance.

In summary, moisture resistant paint for bathrooms was designed specifically to keep your ceiling intact and prevent future health risks. But as noted above, not all bathroom ceiling paint is created equal and not all brands value quality. By leveraging brands that care about wellbeing and results, will give you bathroom paint will be a multi-beneficial one.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Toxic? 

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Toxic? 

Low odor, easy application, zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and possessing rich mildew resistant properties, it stands to reason why Benjamin Moore is a renowned VOC free paint resource that can improve overall aesthetics and quality of life. All in all, this might be a bit of a spoiler, but it is important to recognize right from the start that Benjamin Moore is a non toxic paint brand that was designed on a foundation of quality, transparency, and optimizing both your health and results. 

Browse through Benjamin Moore non VOC paint

Overall, between the unparalleled properties in conjunction with the Benjamin Moore Green Promise to solidify the standard/performance assurances of their eco-conscious VOC free paint, you can be confident that what you are getting will your expectations every time. But as wonderful as it is to know that Benjamin Moore has non toxic paint, it could very well pose the question of why VOC free paint matters to begin with and why this illustrious brand is so adamant about sticking to the Green Promise in the first place. 

What Is VOC Paint, And Why Is It Harmful?

First and foremost, VOC paint is a distinctive chemical that contains carbon. This carbon-based chemical can easily evaporate into the air, which is why paint companies in the past often integrate it into their products because it acted as the ideal medium to transfer paint from the holding can to the desired surface while aiding the paint’s flow. In addition, VOCs are known to help promote film formation and preserve paint while in the can, ultimately reducing its risk of spoiling over time.  

That may sound great on the surface, but the harsh reality is that those small advantages come at a large price. Because industrial paints that use VOC’s are inevitably exposing their customers and the environment to toxic emissions that can lead to both short and long-term health effects. In short, if you are “smelling” new paint, you are inhaling VOCs, which could entail chemicals that, when inhaled, can go directly into your bloodstream.

The solution? Go with zero VOC paint, it eliminates the risk of VOC emissions and you gain some benefits for your home, community, and the environment. Just be aware that some brands will ‘suggest’ that they offer VOC free paint, but will add tint (contains VOC’s) to the paint, making those claims disingenuous. To combat that, we use Benjamin Moore Gennex Paint tints instead of the traditional ones, as Gennex tints are VOC free – thus adding another entrusted layer to the zero VOC paint pledge of Benjamin Moore. 

Tips for the Non-toxic Painters

  • If you are sold on the Benjamin Moore Green Promise and desire to go the VOC free paint route, be sure that any walls you will be painting are cleaned properly beforehand. This means avoiding ammonia-based cleaning products and going with mild soap and water instead to remove stains and dirt. In addition, wait about 30 days from cleaning your space to when you start applying your non toxic paint.
  • Keep in mind that Benjamin Moore no VOC paint does not have the presence of fungicides, meaning it could be subjected to micro-bacterial contamination if you are not careful before, during, and after the application process. It is suggested that you are proactive to not put your painting tools directly into the can itself and use a separate container instead to reduce the risk of contamination and being mindful of sealing your cans as soon as you are done and storing them in a dry, cool location. 
  • It is true that you may have to apply more coats with zero VOC paint than paint that features those varying chemicals to achieve the same kind of results. Though that can seem like a lot more work on your part to apply at least two coats instead of one to obtain full coverage, you will gain better performance due to the longer recoating cycles as well as a seamless painting experience due to the higher applied film thickness that leads to faster applications.

The Benefits of Investing In Zero VOC paint 

With the ever-growing popularity and awareness of environmentalism, it became the catalyst for a boom in green labeled products and the paint industry was certainly part of that wave. The industry as a collective was known for pumping toxic chemicals into its products (ranging from watercolors to acrylics to oils) that have now shown to be hazardous to both people and the environment. 

That is why anti-VOC brands like Benjamin Moore have steered away from the historic norm with a core mission to accentuate the quality of life in and outside of the home. And the best part is that making the shift from VOC paint to VOC free paint offers an entire inventory of short- and long-term benefits ranging from health, quality, to longevity. 

  • Reduces/eliminates the accumulation of allergy-causing toxins. 
  • Reduces/eliminates the concentration of contamination in the groundwater, ozone layer, and landfills.
  • Enhances the air quality of your home – reducing or eliminating acute/chronic health concerns due to the release of zero toxic emissions.
  • Improves long-term performance due to the elongated recoating cycles.
  • Reduced risk of edge rust penetration due to the better edge retention during the drying phase.
  • Offers higher applied film thickness, which equates to faster application and lower labor costs.

All in all, Benjamin Moore non VOC paint is absent of all those harsh chemicals that can hinder your health and the environment that future generations would have to pick the pieces up from. Instead, our zero VOC paint is made of nothing but natural, raw ingredients such as natural resins, mineral dyes, and other water-based solvents that give off virtually no smell or any toxic emissions. 

Low-VOC Paint vs. VOC free Paint

As you can see, VOC free paint is a spearheading way to enhance the quality of your home, health, and the environment. However, be mindful of the terms low-VOC paint vs. VOC free paint. VOC free paint, like what Benjamin Moore supplies, means the paint possesses no traces of toxic chemicals, whereas low-VOC paint can continue to emit gasses in your home for several years, depending on the type of chemicals used. 

Summary – The Benjamin Moore Green Promise 

Premium levels of non toxic paint performance, exceeding strict US eco-conscious paint standards and improving the quality of your life as a whole. This is the base that Benjamin Moore built their entire zero VOC paint collection on and the Green Promise designation core notions they have been living up. 

In summary, Benjamin Moore is a notorious non toxic paint brand and as a collective has been a pioneering effort to influence better health, results, and standards across the board. Because if there is one thing for sure, everyone deserves to gain the luxury results without having to sacrifice their health along the way. And luckily, going with no VOC paint from a longstanding brand you can trust is a sure-fire way to cultivate that ultimate win-win scenario.

What Paint to use in Bathrooms

What Paint to use in Bathrooms

Whether you are building a custom home or renovating an existing one, there is a good chance you have heard about how important it is to use the right bathroom paint in conversational passing. After all, bathrooms are the wettest areas of a home, and that reality in and of itself can cause significant harm to bathroom wall paint along with costly drywall/plaster damages if you are not careful – aka using ‘regular’ paint that enables water to wreak havoc on your bathroom walls and structure. 

Now, the positive side to all of this is that there is an entire inventory of moisture-resistant paint for bathrooms that helps reduce these risks altogether. To help you with picking the best satin or semi-gloss for bathroom wall paint, we have broken down a comprehensive list of the best paint to use to ensure that your efforts will be nothing but successful. 

The Difference Between Normal Paint and Bathroom Paint 

First and foremost, what is the difference between regular paint vs. bathroom paint? The short and sweet of it is that bathroom paint possesses moisture-resistant properties (higher levels of resin than regular paint) so that water and moisture cannot be absorbed. This means using regular paint in a bathroom without the use of any special primer products to reduce fungal growth can lead to paint decomposition, blistering, peeling, and bubbles. It is also worth noting that bathroom paint usually contains larger levels of mildewcide, an agent that helps slow the growth of mildew. 

The best part here is that the price for moisture-resistant paint for bathrooms is not exponentially higher than regular paint. Therefore, you gain all the long-term perks of waterproof bathroom walls as well as an immediate ROI for the time, cost, and effort saved from having to do repairs down the road. 

The Best Paint To Use In Bathrooms 

Flat/Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High Gloss – these are the paint styles that you are presented with when picking out colors and finishes for your home. Though you can always go with any kind you wish if you have a super ventilated bathroom, there are some that are much more effective than others when it comes to ensuring lasting quality and structure protection. For instance, most professional painters stay away from flat/matte and eggshell finishes and opt for either satin or semi-gloss for bathroom painting instead. In general, soft paints are prone to fostering mildew in high humidity environments and are not as easy to clean as their satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss counterparts. Keep in mind that high gloss is great for bathrooms but tends to be too shiny for most and shows imperfections easily if not applied correctly.

Fun Fact- 

Before moisture-resistant paint for bathrooms was created, most homes used high gloss paint to help combat the moisture and humidity in bathrooms; higher gloss better performs in bathrooms and is easy to wipe clean. That is why older homes that have not been remodeled tend to have high gloss finishes in their bathrooms.

With that being said, wall paint technology has come a long way, as there are now several moisture-resistant brands like Benjamin Moore on the market to help translate your bathroom visions into tangible realities. This was a direct result of recognizing that bathrooms need more options other than high-gloss, and with some waterproofing additives, that was achieved. 

For some more support here, below is a breakdown of each of the five types along with some recommended moisture-resistant paint solutions that go with it. Remember that these moisture-resistant paints can come in any desired color you need to fulfill your bathroom design goals. 

  • Flat/Matte and Eggshell Finishes: Though not ideal for bathrooms, flat/matte finishes can offer soft dimensions and luxury appeal. Just be sure you go with a resource(s) made for bathrooms specifically to counter its innate peeling and moisture susceptibility.
    • Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa Waterborne Interior Paint – Matte, specially designed for high humidity areas
    • Waterborne Ceiling Paint (508) – the flattest paint Benjamin Moore offers
  • Satin Finishes: Easier to clean than no-sheen paints and perfect for anyone looking for a softer gloss texture. This can be a great middle-ground option, as long as you go with a moisture-resistant satin finish option. 
    • Benjamin Moore Premium Mildew/Water Resistant Enamel Designed Kitchen & Bath Paint – Satin
    • Benjamin Moore’s AURA Interior Paint- Satin (N526)
    • Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Interior Pearl (550)
  • Semi-Gloss Finishes: Renowned for being the most versatile paint finish, this type is water-resistant, easy to clean, and excellent for bathroom walls and trim. Though this can show small/mid imperfections, semi-gloss finishes dry fast, are durable, and overall great for bathroom walls.
    • Benjamin Moore’s AURA Interior Paint- Semi Gloss (N528)
    • Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Interior Semi-Gloss (N551)
  • High Gloss Finishes: Offers the most protection against moisture and is deemed the easiest option to clean. However, a high gloss finish can be a bit too ‘shiny’ for some. It can also show imperfections and error textures very prominently.
    • Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE Interior/Exterior Paint- High Gloss (794)

Additional Tips To Consider 

Nailing down the right paint is one thing, but that is not all that goes into a seamless and optimized bathroom outcome. With that being said, a key tip that you should keep in mind is the preparation process. For instance, if the paint you choose is not a primer as well, you are going to need to invest in a good quality primer. Some great bathroom primer options include Fresh Start Premium Interior Primers. In short, primer is necessary as a whole, but especially if you want to use a no-gloss or a low-sheen paint in your bathroom.

Something else you should consider is the different areas within your bathroom. For example, shower tiles may require epoxy-based waterproof paint to gain the proper bond within the less porous shower surface, whereas a bathroom ceiling would be better off with acrylic or latex paint. Nonetheless, be mindful that different areas of your bathroom may need different wall paint to amplify steam/humidity protection and that may entail following different guidelines when painting around your shower. 

Last but not least, before touching your walls with anything, be sure that they are prepped correctly. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to paint your bathroom walls with moisture-resistant paint if there is already mildew making a home there. Because of that, make sure to clean your bathroom walls thoroughly before putting on your primer and then paint. You can wash your walls however you’d like, but a good and effective way to get it clean is using a solution of three parts water and one part bleach. Once your walls are dried and you already placed your tape strips accordingly, then you are ready to get started. 

Summary – Small Details, Big Results 

The bathroom paint results you get ultimately lies within the paint details. In summary, paint may look the same using a surface definition, but the reality is that there are several distinctive types along with finishes that any home or commercial owner should be aware of. That is especially true when it comes to bathroom wall paint, as this particular room requires paint that can withstand the harsh wet environment to prevent short-term and long-term damages. 

Overall, the choice is ultimately up to you if you prefer satin or semi-gloss for bathroom painting. The same certainly goes for color as well. In the end, feel free to be as creative or subtle as you wish to meet your bathroom design objectives. Because as long as you go with moisture-resistant wall paint for bathrooms, you can have the solidifying confidence that your bathroom will be well equipped (and protected) to deliver opulent paint results that last. 

Best DIY Backyard Office Colors

How to Choose the Best Colors for your DIY Backyard Office

Our work lives have certainly gone through a huge transformation in recent times. With hybrid work going mainstream in the past couple of years, the need for a dedicated workspace at home —even if it is a DIY backyard home office— has become a priority for many workers who now spend a lot more time working from home than in a cubicle at an office. 

Even as some industries return to partial in-office work, the need for a dedicated home office space is now undeniably part of our lives. 

While having the luxury of extra space is a blessing in itself that not everyone has access to, having a good space that is inspiring and conducive to producing great work is more than just setting a small desk in a corner of your kitchen. Thankfully building your own office doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive and picking the right colors can make the biggest and easiest impact overall.

Here are some ideas for decor, finishes, and our recommended home office paint colors for when you decide to embark on this project:

Natural and timeless finishes are a safe choice

When it comes to modern backyard offices, cedar cladding has been the go-to choice for some time now. This is certainly a beautiful office design option, especially if you have a DIY backyard office, but it’s not the right choice for everyone. If you want to refresh a tired and boring space, adding colorful paint is a cheaper option that makes a bigger statement while being easier to execute.

You can easily add drama with color on the outside

If you’re looking for a more contemporary or dramatic appeal, go with moody darks such as black or grey is a great choice for your exterior backyard office walls. If you still want impact, but in a calmer form, try with pastels or toned-down greens that play well with the other elements present in your backyard. 

Picking a statement color can easily turn any old backyard area into a modern backyard office.

Well-chosen home office paint colors can help with productivity

For the inside of the office, research says blue and green shades are generally calmer and help improve productivity. They are also supposed to inspire trust and be more inviting than other corals, so they can work well for spaces where your meetings (either in person or remote) take place.

If you’re looking for more energetic spaces that help with creativity, reds and yellows are usually the right call. They can be added to create pops of color, or you could choose to be bolder and paint entire walls or even rooms. Well executed, colorful home offices can be extremely beautiful and inspiring, so don’t be afraid to give them a chance.

For those who prefer a more minimal, calmer space, a good white or neutral is never out of style. This is the easiest option for most, but it also gives the illusion of adding extra light and is super versatile and timeless. If you have trouble committing to bolder choices, this can be a good option because you have the option of adding colors with furniture and art. This also makes it so colors are easier to switch up when you need a change. Just get some new pillows for an instant refresh.

It’s all in the personal details

When picking home office paint colors, it’s important to consider how they interact with the furniture and any other art pieces you already have, or plan to have, added to the space. You can choose a calm blue color scheme and bring a bit of the energy of red or yellow with books, artwork, or even a lovely chair. 

Green is also a great base color because it’s considered balanced. In a muted tone, greens can play along with lots of other bolder shades.

Remember to also have fun when choosing the “usual” furniture that goes in your office. Chairs and desks come in more interesting styles and colors these days, and there’s always the option of repurposing other types of tables and chairs for your home office needs.

Function can be fun and unexpected

Your office space should make you feel at ease, it should inspire your creativity, and keep you as productive as possible. While a lot of that ambiance and feelings are connected to colors and shapes, you usually need some functionality added to the space via accessories such as; special desks, bookshelves, and all types of boards.

Boards are an essential part of offices where you can plan lots of projects and do creative brainstorming. But they are usually ugly and make a sophisticated space look like a kid’s playground or a generic office meeting room.

To get a big whiteboard without the ugliness, a great addition to any office space —especially a multi-functional one— is the Benjamin Moore Notable Dry Erase Paint. It’s a minimalist and completely unobtrusive way to add a dry erase board that works in virtually any space by turning any wall into a surface that can be used for creativity and productivity.

Notable dry erase is also a less messy alternative to its more old-school and popular sibling, the blackboard paint. Blackboard walls have been a favorite for kitchens, breakfast nooks, and children’s rooms, and while they’re certainly fun, the dry erase paint offers a more sophisticated and cleaner option.

Add Notable Dry Erase Paint to your office space

No matter if you have a very colorful home office or a very minimal one, the Benjamin Moore Notable dry erase paint is a great option because you can choose between a white finish and a high gloss clear one that can be applied over any color on your walls. 

Notable Dry Erase can be applied to almost any surface and comes with a 10-year warranty so you can get as creative as you want while knowing your walls will look great for a long time.

Make sure you create a dynamic space you love

No matter what kind of work you do, you want the right balance between calmness, creativity and productiveness. This is a delicate composition accomplished best by using a combination of colors, shapes, materials, and styles that allow concentration to happen when you need it, but that will be interesting enough not to let you fall asleep on the job. Relaxing is great, but remember this is still a workspace afterall.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a dynamic workspace that matches your style and taste, be it a modern backyard home office or a more colorful home office. For this, you should always consider pro recommendations and best practices, but you should always incorporate your very own touch and taste.

Introducing Corotech Command Paint

Introducing Corotech Command Paint

With the aid of recent technological advancements in the paint industry, Benjamin Moore has introduced a new line of durable Corotech high performance paint that has made its way into our paint supply Kahului store inventory. This Corotech COMMAND paint is ideal for commercial customers seeking a fast-drying paint that allows them to quickly return to service and boasts an easy application and clean-up. As with all Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex technology, this product is waterborne, in keeping with the commitment to more environmentally friendly merchandise. The Corotech COMMAND paint also saves time and money for commercial customers!

What are the benefits of Corotech COMMAND paint?

COMMAND is a single-component, multi-substrate solution, with a waterborne acrylic urethane enamel that assists with the quick and simple application process. In straightforward terms, this product was created for commercial customers seeking a rapid painting process with a durable paint that is also simple to apply. Due to its incredibly fast drying times, it’s quick and easy to recoat, doesn’t stall the service of your facility for extended periods of time, and allows for multiple projects to be managed at once. This saves on labor costs, streamlines the work into a more efficient process, and simplifies labor and maintenance responsibilities. 

First coat of Corotech COMMAND paint is dry to the touch in just fifteen minutes, while vertical surfaces can see a return to service in just one hour, and horizontal surfaces can see a return to regular foot and forklift traffic in just twenty-four hours. This allows commercial buildings to refrain from being closed to employee or consumer traffic for extended periods of time and prevents a loss of time due to that extended closure. 

COMMAND is a very flexible coating, suitable for a variety of surfaces, indoor and exterior surfaces alike. Ideal for warehouses and other high-traffic areas such as schools, workshops, hospitals, offices, and other spaces that are generally a difficult and highly involved process to paint or renovate. This paint is resistant to cracking or peeling and can even be applied on metal, masonry, vinyl, drywall, tile, PVC, and more. Ask one of our paint specialists about how it can be used on your next project, at your local paint supply Kahului location, 

Self-priming COMMAND can be applied directly to existing alkyd or epoxy coatings, most metals and plastics, laminates, masonry/concrete, and more, without need for extensive prep or priming, which saves additional time and money. This includes use on handrails, shelving, doors, floors, stairs, ramps, safetymarkers, curbs, cabinets, awnings, shutters, molding, piping, and more. COMMAND features updated abrasion resistance, to stand the test of time and wear in any environment.

COMMAND can be applied on the following surface materials:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Concrete/Masonry
  • Vinyl
  • Drywall
  • Ceramic Tile
  • PVC 
  • And more!

The paint is ideal for windows, doors, cabinets and other surfaces that commonly stick when painted, due to its block resistant, tack-free formula. Easy application allows for COMMAND to be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit using a brush, roller, or spray, and clean-up can be achieved with simple soap and water. Paint can be thinned with water if desired, and does not require paint thinner at any point, freeing you from the messy and sometimes hazardous exposure to the chemicals used in paint thinners as well. Despite its easy application and clean-up, and its interior and exterior suited durability, COMMAND boasts an alluring low-sheen satin or classic gloss finish and bonds easily to most traditionally hard-to-coat surfaces. 

What are the benefits of Gennex Technology?

Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex technology have a myriad of benefits, the foremost being a consistently reputable quality that comes along with the name. Stable viscosity in these paints also ensures that application is smooth and not thin, or even too thick. Gennex colorants ensure that exterior paints will hold up in harsh weather and all climates, leading to less need for recoating these exterior surfaces over time, and the low odor and no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) guarantees from Benjamin Moore ensure that these paints are allergy and asthma friendly, and contain no toxic fumes or harmful pollutants, like traditional paints.

In short, Gennex technology holds up to the test of time, can withstand natural elements, and ensures that the coloration is consistent with the standard for quality and excellence. With Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex technology, you will no longer need to agonize over how well ventilated your space is before applying! Gone are the days of opening all of the windows simply to paint a room, or losing an entire forty-eight hours of factory production in order to wait for the fumes to dissipate, along with  the hours wasted applying multiple coats of paint or recoating surfaces after just a couple years.

What are the benefits of Zero VOC paints?

VOC’s or Volatile Organic Compounds are pollutants in paints and other chemical compounds that evaporate into the air when exposed to room temperature climates. In hotter temperatures, these pollutants create a smog similar to that of car exhaust. These chemicals can cause a number of health problems ranging from general skin, nose, eye, ear, and throat irritations to much more serious problems like disruption of cognitive functions, including vision problems and loss of memory. It is suspected that long term exposure can actually cause cancer, and unfortunately, VOC’s are present in many mainstream paint products.

Benjamin Moore, in keeping with research about conscious business practices and eco-friendly products, has created VOC free paints that avoid these harmful health risks. The short-term and long-term benefits can both lead to better general health and prevent undue exposure to harmful chemicals. Lack of worry about toxic chemicals in the paint also makes it easier to apply, with no worries about too little ventilation in your workspace!

For more information about the benefits of zero VOC paints and how they are the ideal choice for small and large scale projects, you can check out our previous blog post about Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec vs Natura

Corotech COMMAND is currently offered in any color, in satin or gloss finishes, with Benjamin Moore Gennex Tint Bases 1-4. Other pre-mixed colors available are:

  • Satin White
  • Satin Bronzetone 
  • Satin Black
  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Black
  • Gloss Safety Yellow
  • Gloss Safety Red

For further information about special shades of Corotech COMMAND paint, you can reach out directly to your local paint supply Kahului location, Da Kine Paints. We would love to match your current project!

If you’re looking for the ideal quick-drying, environmentally conscious, and quality consistent heavy duty durable paint, Benjamin Moore’s Corotech COMMAND epoxy paint is a great choice for commercial and individual projects alike. It can save you time and money without sacrificing excellence. More questions about COMMAND or other paint products? Unsure where to begin? We’d love to speak with you and help you figure out what’s right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec vs Natura

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec vs Natura

A recent change to Benjamin Moore’s product lines has us taking a closer look to the real differences between these zero VOC paint options.

If you’ve ever done any kind of painting, you’re familiar with the rules: keep windows open and the air circulating, wear a mask or protective gear for the fumes, and leave the area to cure by itself for 24-48 hours. This is the process with most paints that contain VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds. 

What is a Volatile Organic Compound?

While not just found in paint, Volatile Organic Compounds (also known as VOCs) are chemicals that evaporate into the air at room temperature, causing pollution.

When it’s particularly hot out, however, VOCs react with nitrogen oxides to create smog. These chemical gases can come from car exhaust, gas-powered equipment, building materials, and of course, paint. 

When people come into contact with “too many” VOCs, symptoms can range from irritation in the eye, nose, and throat, dizziness, headaches, memory issues, and visual disturbances. It’s suspected that long time exposure can also cause cancer, which is good to know, but pretty scary.

Zero VOC Paints from Benjamin Moore

As a conscious company, Benjamin Moore strives to create VOC-free paints to protect their customers from unnecessary harm.

For those that love to paint with the lowest amounts of toxic fumes, Benjamin Moore’s lines of zero VOC paints have been a blessing (and are readily available at your paint supply Kahului location here at Da Kine Paints). When reviewing their current paint lines, however, as of March 1, 2021, Benjamin Moore decided it’s best discontinue Natura and suggested Eco Spec as the main “green” paint in the catalog. Let’s break down the differences between them.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec vs Natura: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Eco SpecNatura
Available in thousands of colors.Available in thousands of colors.
Available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss finishes.Available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss finishes. (Note: Flat finish was special order at our location.)
Available in gallon size.Available in quart or gallon sizes.
Zero VOCZero VOC
Zero EmissionsZero Emissions
CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®
100% Acrylic100% Acrylic
Quick-drying for same-day return to serviceQuick return to service
Engineered with Gennex® Color TechnologyEngineered with Gennex® Color Technology
Green Seal CertifiedProvides a durable, washable film
Excellent touch-upSelf-priming on most surfaces

What’s the difference? 

After looking closer, these two paint choices are eerily similar, though there are a few marked differences:

AVAILABILITY: Since Benjamin Moore Natura has been discontinued as of March 1, 2021, it will be harder and harder to find. If you’re doing a small project, you could probably get away with using some Natura paint, but we’d highly recommend using Eco Spec because if you need more in the future, you know it’ll be available. You can get any of these high-quality paints right at your local Maui paint store—Da Kine Paints in Kahului.

PRICE: Fortunately, the more inexpensive of the two paints is the one that’s sticking around—Eco Spec. For an affordable paint job with no fumes or harmful chemicals, a gallon (or more) of this paint will coat your wall but won’t break the bank.

Only Eco Spec earned this title, which means that its VOC output never exceeds 50 grams per liter for flat paint and 100 grams per liter for non-flat paints. It also means that this high-quality paint is helping reduce toxic pollution by meeting strict sustainability standards. Learn about other eco-friendly paints at Green Seal’s website.


Both paint choices earn this title and it’s worth explaining. These Maui paint options had to pass strict standards to be awarded this certification. Here’s a bit about their process:

  • VOCs: specialists paint a sample surface and measure the VOCs released over 14 days
  • Paint performance: paints should cover, dry in a reasonable time, and be able to be cleaned without breaking down
  • Ingredient review: a chemical assessment of all elements in the paint, watching for any potentially irritating chemicals above a comfortable level

Once a paint has passed these three requirements, they are eligible for certification.

Both paint choices are the perfect choice for indoor spaces since they have no fumes during or after painting. Natura is the ideal choice for a bathroom, with mildew resistance and an easy-to-clean surface. 

Check out our helpful article on using Natura paint in the bathroom.

Why was the Natura line discontinued?

We all know that the bottom line is one of the main reasons decisions are made in business. With Benjamin Moore Eco Spec vs Natura, the company had two nearly identical products (as shown by the chart above). 

With Eco Spec showing to be the favorite among consumers (and the fact that Natura had to be produced in a separate facility), it only made sense to drop Natura in favor of Eco Spec as the main “Green Paint” in the line. 

The Natura line will continue to be sold at locations that have extra stock, but Eco Spec will be leading the future of zero VOC Benjamin Moore paints.

Are Benjamin Moore Eco Spec and Natura self-priming?

Natura is the only self-priming paint in this fight, but Eco Spec has a wonderful zero VOC primer that will make the perfect base for your new project. A second coat is highly recommended for both paints for full coverage.

What is low VOC vs zero VOC? 

There’s a bit of misinformation out there about these differences, so let’s clear it up. There’s always a lot of legality around these terms, so be sure to do your research first.

LOW VOC: This means that the paint has less VOC than “common” paints, so it’s only low in comparison to paints that typically have high VOC. This isn’t as big of an issue if you’re doing exterior painting, but any sort of interior paint should be truly zero VOC if you have the option.

ZERO VOC: These choices have no VOCs BUT do note that some brands and some colors may add colorants that do contain VOCs, making the paint low-VOC instead of zero. Benjamin Moore uses a patented Gennex colorant that contains no VOCs, making thousands of safe colors to use in your home.

Where can I get zero VOC paint on Maui?

Da Kine Paints is the place to go for VOC-free paint on Maui. Benjamin Moore carries “green paint” lines like Eco Spec, Natura, and Aura. All these paints use the Gennex Colorant, which contains no VOCs, making bright, beautiful colors that will last, but won’t smell as you’re putting it on. When your project requires a big paint supply Kahului store, Da Kine Paints has you covered. 

A fun Maui paint story we heard about was a teacher who was in his office at UHMC as it was being painted with VOC-free paint. He said he didn’t smell anything, and it didn’t bother him at all. This is the amazing thing that zero VOC paint can do—bring freedom to when and where you can paint.

What colors does zero VOC paint come in?

With the patented Gennex Colorant (which is zero VOC), you can choose from thousands of colors without sacrificing your “green paint” status. 

More questions? Reach out to your local paint supply Kahului location of Da Kine Paints and we’ll do whatever we can to find you the right paint for your next project.

Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

Measure your area not once but twice before buying paint.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “you can’t paint a room until you measure it.” Well, we feel the same way. Measuring before you start painting your walls or ceilings is the best way to keep from over (or worse, under) buying paint. Will you need more than a quart of paint coverage? More than a gallon?

Paint coverage of a high-quality gallon is usually about 400 square feet. That means that a quart of paint coverage is around 100 square feet (a quart is a quarter of a gallon). One thing to keep in mind is that each paint choice will spread a little differently. Get to know our different Benjamin Moore paint lines before diving in. 

Pick a Line, Any Line
Just make sure the product matches the job.

Paint coverage is one of the most important factors when it comes to painting. Our paint supply Kahului store of Da Kine Paints offers a wide range of colors and finishes that are guaranteed to cover well and give you a beautiful, long-lasting look. We have something for every part of your home—indoors, outdoors, or art projects! The Aura line sparkles with bold, long-lasting color. Our exterior paint selections are perfect for your siding or deck. ARBORCOAT, our well-known wood stain line protects against moisture damage on wood surfaces. Primer creates an even surface, so the coats of color on top come out smooth. Let’s learn how much coverage you get in a quart from each category.

Benjamin Moore Paint Coverage

These high-quality choices can cover a lot with just one quart.


A bold paint for making colorful first impressions.

Our Aura Maui paint covers approximately 100 square feet with a quart. 

That’s perfect for bringing a pop of color to some trim, a piece of furniture, or a work of art on the back fence. Make sure you have enough for the recommended two coats for the best coverage! 

Aura Interior Paint makes walls, ceilings, cabinets, and trim inside homes or offices absolutely glow since there are no gray or black pigments in this renowned paint line. Aura Exterior paint is the best protection against harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow, and salt spray from the tropical ocean air. Aura Bath & Spa is a custom line made just for high-humidity spaces with mildew resistance, zero VOCs, and the patented Gennex technology that keeps paint looking fresh.

Exterior Paint

Protect your home and pick from exterior lines that resist cracking and fading.

We carry a few lines of exterior paint, but most quarts cover a little more than 100 feet (since a gallon covers 400 square feet). 

This is perfect for a small fence or deck project . Our exterior lines include Aura, Regal Select, and Ultra Spec®. As mentioned above, Aura is great for bright colors, but Regal Select, Benjamin Moore’s flagship brand for over 60 years, is easy to apply with smooth leveling and looks fresh for years with mildew and stain resistance. Got a rough surface like aluminum, stucco, concrete, or vinyl? The Regal Select line is the best choice for the job. The Ultra Spec® line is perfect for any run-of-the-mill job or lower-budget project that still needs great paint. All lines come in thousands of colors and we can match any color you have if you bring a paint chip into Da Kine Paints your paint supply Kahului store.


With oil and latex-based stains, we’ve got your wood surfaces covered.

Because ARBORCOAT is a stain, it stretches further than acrylic. You can get about 150 square feet of coverage from one quart, depending on how many coats you’re using. One gallon covers 500-600 square feet.

Whether you’re looking to color or protect some wood (inside or outside your home), ARBORCOAT has all your bases covered. It comes in both oil and latex forms to give you the tools you need for the job you have. We also offer an extra high gloss finish for unmatched protection against damage from moisture, which is great for those living in tropical climates (yeah, you!). Benjamin Moore recommends at least three coats when using ARBORCOAT on wood surfaces to fully guard against moisture damage, while still providing a shiny, beautiful finish.  


Prep your surface well before your next coat goes on.

A quart of Benjamin Moore primer will cover around 100 square feet (yes, a gallon is around 400 square feet), but the more you put down, the better.

It’s important to use a primer to make a smooth, flat surface before you put your color on, to cover up any imperfections. Our primers include Fresh Start® Premium Interior and Exterior, Sure Seal™ Latex Primer, which is like glue from the paint to the surface (and bonus—low VOCs). Whether you have an interior or exterior job, using a primer is a sure way to ensure a smooth painting surface for that color you thought about for so long. 


Calculate your Benjamin Moore paint coverage needs here.

The thing is each paint is going to coat each surface differently. One of the best ways to calculate how much paint you’ll need is by using the incredibly helpful Paint Estimator. Just type in the length, width, and height of the area as well as any windows or doors (we love this feature!) and click “Calculate” to get your results. You can even print your recommendation to bring into your local paint supply Kahului store, Da Kine Paints.

Benjamin Moore paint coverage FAQs

What is the best type of Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Our well-known top-of-the-line paint is the Aura line, which comes in a wide variety of colors with greater coverage and excellent hiding power, so it’s an obvious choice if you want to create depth and dimension or make dramatic color changes to a part of your home.

How much coverage does one quart of Benjamin Moore paint give? 

A quart of paint coverage usually covers about 100 square feet, depending on how many coats you use and the way you apply it. Most gallons cover approximately 400 square feet. It’s always better to overbuy than underbuy paint—if you have extra, you can get creative with furniture or trim!

What is the coverage of Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT? 

ARBORCOAT stains are great for protecting and adding color to unpainted surfaces. One gallon can coat 500-600 square feet! ARBORCOAT provides a protective layer, a nice sheen, and can be used on a huge variety of wood types and surface textures. Great for gazebos, decks, and hand-crafted wood projects.

How do I get the most paint coverage?

Really, by prepping everything ahead of time, including sanding surfaces, laying down tarps, getting high-quality brushes, rollers, and paint, the rest is a cinch. If you’re trying to make your quart stretch, use a brush instead of a roller, as rollers soak up a lot of paint. Try using just a bit on the end of your brush and work quickly with even strokes. Let dry fully and enjoy the new look!

What’s Happening in the Paint Industry

Ever heard about Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex technology?

Advancements in the paint industry are evolving at a rapid pace and while it is hard to keep up on all the new trends, we are here to help guide the way. From Aura Color Stores, which includes extra pigments (without black or gray) for bolder colors, to patented formulas that keep your fresh coat looking fresh for years, Benjamin Moore is at the forefront of innovation. This article will walk you through some of the most impressive developments from Benjamin Moore and explain the differences between them. 

Just about a decade ago, Benjamin Moore paint with Gennex technology was born. It was found that some ingredients, like Universal Tinting Colorant, would cause paints to fade and look worse over a short period of time. With a passion for creating long-lasting Benjamin Moore paint types, they introduced, Gennex®, a new formula with colorants that last—and look good.

How Does Gennex® Work?

Most paints on the market require certain chemicals, including one or more surfactants, or wetting agents, to help with the ease of use and color, as well as the flow and leveling of the paint once it is all dried. These same chemicals have been found to make paint weak, affecting the quality and durability, especially in dark colors. Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex technology changed all of that with waterborne colorants and without unnecessary ingredients that weaken paint. 

Gennex® Paint Provides:

  • Consistent Quality: You can choose any color from the Benjamin Moore paint types in their catalog and be more than happy with the results—long after the paint has dried. The deepest colors are tested and proven to be just as durable as the whites. 
  • Superior Hide: Extreme color changes, stains, and other imperfections can make it hard to do a smooth paint job in fewer coats. Gennex® gives you the coverage you need with just two coats, making jobs easier on your body and your wallet.
  • Stable Viscosity: With stability threatening UTCs in most paints, they can become watery, or even too thick, making brush and roller flow a pain. Gennex® makes sure that Benjamin Moore paints keep the perfect texture for painting–no matter the color.
  • Exterior Excellence: Gennex® colorants help exterior paints last outside in every color. Combine our bold-colored Aura® Exterior paints with Gennex® colorants for extreme protection against the harshest weather.
  • Zero-VOC and Low Odor: Sticking to The Green Promise®, Benjamin Moore offers a huge range of zero-VOC paints with low odor. They even stay zero-VOC after being tinted with Gennex® waterborne colorants—you can’t say the same for paints with Universal Tinting Colorant.

What are the different types of paint?

If you’re just starting out in the paint world, it can be overwhelming once you get into the details. What’s the difference between a primer and a top coat? We’re here to give you the basics and explain the different Benjamin Moore paint types you can get and what you’d need them for. 

There are three main categories of paint:

Architectural: Decorate and Protect
This includes interior and exterior paint for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, and public spaces.

Industrial: Ultimate Protection
This includes paint utilized to protect metal structures from rust, wear and tear, and weather. Also, industrial paint is used to color-code pipes, to paint bridges, steel, railings, and factories.

Special Purpose: Appliances, Cars, Roads
This category includes paint for appliances, like your fridge or freezer, spray paint, car paint, and marine paint. Besides traffic paint, most special purpose paint is used for protection.

Since you are most likely working with “architectural” paint, we’ll get into the subcategories, so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for when you visit Da Kine Paints, your Kahului paint supply store on Maui.

Exterior Paint: This type of paint protects the surface from damaging factors such as UV rays, water, and other elements. It’s designed for use in outdoor environments where it will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. Benjamin Moore paints with Gennex® technology are made to resist fading while also protecting against chipping and peeling that can happen over time because of sun exposure. Exterior paint is used for outdoor surfaces that are more exposed to direct sunlight & rain, such as walls and trim in a yard or house exterior so they stay bold and vibrant longer without losing their color over time.

Interior Paint: Typically used on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces inside a home (such as woodwork or furniture pieces) that don’t get much direct sunlight, interior paints are usually more washable than exterior paint so they’re easier to maintain and touch up when necessary. 

Stain: A stain is a type of paint that can be used to color wood trim and furniture, which doesn’t require priming, though you can use a stain on wood that’s already been primed with an oil-based primer. A lot of people will start by staining to protect their furniture and later go back over it with paint, which provides more durability for the piece in the long run. 

Primer: A primer is the first coat you apply to any surface before painting it, which helps the next coat stick to the surface. Primers are usually made from acrylics and/or silicone compounds that are designed to form a sort of “shield” over the surface you’re applying it to. This works by filling in any imperfections or cracks within its structure, so they don’t show through when painted. 

Benjamin Moore Paint Grades Explained

When we’re talking about the “grade” of paint, we mean the different product lines and quality levels of paint that a manufacturer creates. By the end of this article, we’ll have all of the Benjamin Moore paint grades explained and discuss the different reasons you’d use each one.

Top Quality: Aura
Bright, true colors, extreme hide, smooth leveling, and long-lasting paint.

This choice is one of the most high-quality paints on the market. Aura is a very bold, thick, durable paint with a mildew-resistant coating and extreme hide that only gets better with each coat. You can even skip the primer, as Aura is self-priming and zero-VOC, keeping fumes from crashing your painting party. A gallon can cover a whopping 350 to 400 square feet, making the price difference worth it on many levels. If you’re redoing your bathrooms, there’s even a special mildew-resistant bath & spa version. Choose from thousands of perfectly bright (or tasteful) colors with all the regular finishes: matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss for your interior projects.

Next Up: Regal Select
Perfect for any in-home job with zero-VOCs, mildew resistance, and easy cleaning.

One of the other lines available is the Regal Select line, an acrylic paint and primer with a mildew-resistant coating. This line is a bit below the price point of the Aura line, but it’s still a high quality, zero-VOC paint and available in most places. Regal Select is another one of the highest-quality paints on the market and is best used for home improvement projects that involve wood, masonry, drywall, plaster, or non-ferrous metals. The finished product is easy to keep clean with soap and water and covers 400 to 450 square feet, which is better coverage than Aura.

ben® Waterborne Interior Paint
Self-priming, low-odor paint great for home improvement projects.

If you have a big project and not a lot of resources, ben® Waterborne Interior Paint, a premium-quality acrylic latex paint, is a great choice for a self-priming, zero-VOC low-odor paint with a protective mildew-resistant coating. Choose from a flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss finish for all sorts of home improvement projects. Coming in at about half the price of Aura, this paint covers 400-450 square feet for comparable coverage with Regal Select.

ADVANCE® Interior Paint
A premium quality, durable, high-end finish ideal for doors, trim, and cabinets. 

ADVANCE® is Benjamin Moore’s waterborne alkyd coating, which is different (and better) than conventional alkyd coatings (used for smooth finishes on doors and cabinets). With the benefits of both its competitors—latex and oil paint, ADVANCE® gives you the desired flow and leveling you’d expect from oil-based paints with the easy soap and water cleanup of latex-based paints. Plus, with the industry-changing Gennex® zero-VOC colorant system, even the darkest colors keep low levels of VOCs. You get the most coverage from this gallon at 400-500 square feet.

Ask Da Kine Paints for Help

Do you still want to have Benjamin Moore paint grades explained? Or do you have any other questions about an upcoming painting job? We’d be happy to help you out— by phone at (808) 871-9381 or in person at your friendly Kahului paint supply store in Maui.