Benjamin Moore Brands

Benjamin Moore Brands at your Kahului Paint Supply

Corotech® Industrial Coatings

Clear Acrylic Sealer

Waterborne, fast-drying, clear acrylic coating formulated as an easy-to-apply seal coat on bare concrete floors and othe rmasonry surfaces. Designed to allow for easy sweep up of dust and to reduce water penetration or erosion, efflorence, spalling, and chalking without changing the natural appearance of the substrate.

Waterborne Bonding Primer

If you have rust on your exterior metal surfaces, then applying this primer can be used as a rust inhibitor. The primer easily applies to all types of metal surfaces. With the versatility of this primer, most would imagine that it would difficult to clean up; however with our waterborne technology clean up is simple and easy.

Waterborne Amine Epoxy

This is heavy resistant to chemical & oils spills, makes this epoxy ideal for working garages and other heavy trafficked locations. Simply apply this self-leveling epoxy to the surface and breathe easy with this low-VOC epoxy.

INSL-X Products

Stix® Waterborne Bonding Primer

Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium-quality, acrylic-urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging surfaces, including glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and galvanized metals.

Swimming Pool Paint

There is no reason to wait until your pool surface is completely dry to apply a fresh coat of Swimming Pool Paint. It was developed to adhere to surfaces that are damp and quickly dries, so the pool down time is kept to a minimal. Regardless of fresh or salt water pools, this can be submerged in water while maintaining the color and protection you need.


When waterproofing is needed on those basement walls or commercial storage area, this product goes deep in the surface to provide a solid waterproofing protection. Tuffcrete can be tinted to provide you with some color, so you aren’t looking at black or gray wall.

Hot Trax

Did you know that your tires heat up and leave a black residue on the ground when you drive on various surfaces? Don’t want that residue or spills in your garage or on your driveway, simply apply Hot Trax to the desired surface to seal and protect it from your vehicles.