Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Kahului Paint Supply

Interior Product Lines

Fresh Start® Premium Interior Primer

Resolve staining, moisture imperfection, and other everyday paint problems with Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start premium primers. Available in latex- and oil-based formulas, Fresh Start primers establish the right foundation for any final coat, with strong adhesion, flawless sealing, minimal odor, and low drying-time.

Aura® Interior Paint

Durable, rich, and long-lasting, Aura Interior paint is proudly offered at our paint stores on Maui. Enjoy a tangible quality finish, high-performance coverage, and gorgeous, true-to-life color as Aura brings your interior to life with Benjamin Moore’s exclusive Color Lock technology.

Regal® Select Waterborne Interior Paint

Regal Select updates conventional paint formulas with new technology to create an exceptional all-in-one paint and primer. Get the benefits of waterborne resins and zero VOC colorants with the even application and excellent performance of Benjamin Moore’s traditional paint at your favorite paint store on Maui.

ben® Zero-VOC Paint

This distinctive formula offers zero VOCs and low odor with the full coverage, easy application, and longevity found in all of our products. Reduce odor and cover quickly with ben® from Benjamin Moore.

Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Get professional-looking ceiling coverage in a snap with Waterborne Ceiling paint. Its ultra-flat texture masks flaws in your ceiling and its quick-drying formula, low spatter, and generous open time makes recoats easy for an impeccable finish.

ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint

Get the high performance of an oil formula in a waterbourne paint with ADVANCE. Its lengthy open-time and 100% alkyd formula makes it easy to bring a deluxe finish to any project, with special resins that minimize VOCs. Available in limitless colors, ADVANCE cleans up quickly with soap and water.

Exterior Products

Fresh Start® Premium Exterior Primer

Created for wood and weather-worn surfaces, Fresh Start solves a variety of common problems including bleeding that happens with cedar or redwood among, damage from moisture, and stains. Use to seal and prime new or painted exterior wood to prep for a smooth paint job.

Aura® Exterior Paint

Say goodbye to exterior paint problems with Aura Exterior. Choose from thousands of lush colors that leverage Benjamin Moore’s exclusive resins and Color Lock® technology to offer a durable finish and unparalleled protection against cracking and peeling.

Regal® Select Exterior Paint

For substrates that are difficult-to-coat, our paint store on Maui offers Regal Select Exterior with MoorLife, MoorGard, and MoorGlo. These 100% acrylic finishes use Benjamin Moore’s alkyd technology and are tinted on a patented Gennex platform resulting in tough, mildew-resistant coatings that adhere easily.

UltraSpec® Exterior Waterborne Paint

UltraSpec Exterior latex paint offers value and performance in one. High quality and eco-conscious, UltraSpec is a 100% acrylic latex paint with low VOCs that is easy to apply and dries to an attractive finish.

ARBORCOAT® Premium Exterior Stain

Enhance the look and feel of exterior wood surfaces and protect your wood furniture, siding, and decks with ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stains. ARBORCOAT offers easy application, exceptional color retention, and a range of opacities and colors to suit any outdoor motification.

floor & patio

For floors that were previously painted and are in good shape, then one coat should be sufficient to provide the anticipated results. Tints are available using a patented Gennex colorant system. Customers that get this painted on their flooring will enjoy the resistance to soap, detergents, grease & oils.

Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels

The most common coating for metal surfaces and substrates, Ultra Spec HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels protect from rust and corrosion while offering lasting gloss and color. Tints are available using a patented Gennex colorant system, and professionals will enjoy Ultra Spec’s easy application and superior performance.

Unique Products

Ultra Spec® Scuff-X®

A signle-component, high-performance latex paint that offers a unique blend of toughness and flexibility, rather than just relying on a hard surface, which can be more brittle and subject to chipping. With Benjamin Moore’s CHIP-TECH® chip-resistant technology, you can rest assured that it will withstand every blow and hits that the area will recieve on a daily basis.

Kitchen & Bath Paint

Humidity is part of Maui, whether by the beach or up on Haleakala. Don’t let the humidity destroy your home with mildew, build up mildew resistance with Kitchen & Bath. Ideal surfaces for apply paint would be clean & glossy surfaces, but other interior surfaces will work as well.

Aura® Bath & Spa Waterborne Interior Paint

Tackle humid areas of your home or business with Aura Bath & Spa Waterborne Paint. Whether painting a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or sauna, this special formula helps prevent mildew growth in damp and humid areas and dries to an elegant, matte finish.