Your Maui Paint Store Sundries

3M is a global brand offering products and technologies that solve environmental and health challenges around the world. Sold at Maui paint stores like Benjamin Moore, 3M’s advanced line of painting equipment and supplies help meet green building requirements and make any project safer and more eco-friendly.

Founded in 1851 in headquartered in the USA, the Wooster Brush Company is known for its professional paintbrushes, painting equipment, and rollers. Designed to make your painting jobs run more smoothly, Wooster celebrated line of products include paintbrushes from the Alpha, Ultra/Pro, Shortcut, and Silver Tip brands; paint rollers from Pro-Doo-Z, Super Doo-Z, and Super/Fab; sturdy Sherlock extension poles and roller frames, and a no-skid mini roller system from Jumbo Koter.

Corona Brushes features Chinex®, Red-Gold™ Tynex® Nylon and Orel®, Champagne Nylon™, and Badger-style Brushes. We carry these brushes to provide brushes you can rely on which provide smooth paint without leaving heavy paint lines,

By incorporating ALLPRO into our maui paint supply store, we are able to bring in additional high quality products at a reduced price. No matter the project, you should have the highest quality product available without costing you an arm and a leg. ALLPRO started back in 1960 by helping businesses like our kahului paint supply store by supplying us with products to better serve our community with.