Scuff-X water resistant

Is Scuff-X water resistant?

In short, yes. And so much more. Scuff-X, a breakthrough technology from Benjamin Moore, has revolutionized the paint industry in terms of scuff-resistance, durability, and ease of cleaning. Work smarter, not harder—and cover your most used areas with this one-of-a-kind paint.

This is the best paint choice for high-traffic areas that are exposed to a lot of people and near messy areas that need to be cleaned more often than not. Think about places like hospitals, schools, hotel lobbies, fitting rooms, offices and conference rooms, and even playgrounds.

In your own home, however, the clear choice is the kitchen. In a room where you’re regularly using a sink, blenders, pots and pans, and cooking with all sorts of food and spices, you’ll want paint that is known for being easy to clean. Is Scuff-X good for kitchen cabinets? A resounding yes. Imagine accidentally starting the blender with the lid off. With regular paint or wood stain, cleaning the mess would be a pain. With Scuff-X, clean-up is simple and easy—every time.  

Choosing the right paint for your home is imperative, because it’ll be there for years and you don’t want to deal with cracking, chipping, or hard-to-clean paint. When people wonder, “Scuff-X, is it water resistant?” the answer is a clear yes.

Is Scuff-X good for kitchen cabinets?

Kitchens are horrendously messy places. Think about it—three meals a day for everyone living in the house, plus snacks, smoothies, soups, Thanksgiving, birthdays….so many messes. The kitchen is by far the most used place in the house, especially for some families. 

Using the proper paint when crafting your dream kitchen is incredibly important and saves time with cleanup. By using Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint for your kitchen cabinets, you’re coating heavily used surfaces with easy-to-clean paint.

Scuff-X on kitchen cabinets means that wiping down after spills or kitchen explosions will be much easier. Even just cleaning up after everyday use, like grease from cooking, or fingerprints, will be a cinch to swipe off with a gentle cleaning product and a soft cloth. If you take care of your kitchen cabinets, they will continue to look good and clean like a dream for years.

Scuff-X Specs

If you’re wondering, Scuff-X is it water-resistant? It’s a hearty “yes.” This high-performance coating is a one-component latex paint made just for places that have the messiest, busiest, and most used surfaces. Not only is it an effective paint, but there has been immense research on making sure that it is much better than the competition and solves previous issues with scuff-resistant paint, like short pot-life, pre-mixing, and troubles with application. This low-maintenance paint will look good and will last for years.

Scuff-X is known for its:

  • Proprietary scuff-resistance formula, making kitchen cabinets easy-to-clean
  • Quick dry, so you can see true color sooner and get on to that next coat
  • Great touch-up, for quick cover-up of inevitable kitchen bumps and bangs
  • Spatter resistant for easy, mess-free application
  • Qualification for LEED® v4 credit and CHPS certification
  • Anti-microbial additives that keep mold and mildew at bay

Does Scuff-X Come in All Colors?

Scuff-X paint is available in almost any color you could want with 4 different finishes. Whether you want a neutral, toned down look, or a pop of bright color for your kitchen cabinets, there’s a Scuff-X color for you! Think about what kind of finish you want in your kitchen, depending on the lighting, the color, and your preferences.

  • Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Eggshell provides a nice sheen. 
  • Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Matte is a no-shine solution for your cabinets. 
  • Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Satin adds a lovely shine to any surface.
  • Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Semi-Gloss provides the perfect balance of shine.

How do I paint kitchen cabinets?

With a little research and guidance, you can absolutely re-do your kitchen cabinets yourself and give your kitchen a facelift with Scuff-X. Be sure to read through every step before rolling up your sleeves.

  1. Stock Up on Scuff-X. Stop by your nearest Benjamin Moore retailer (Da Kine Paints if you’re on Maui) and grab the correct amount of Scuff-X paint. Be sure to grab sandpaper (120 and 220 grit), brushes, tarps, and trays, too.
  2. Make Room. Find a large, flat surface (best away from kids and animals and near ventilation). An empty garage covered in tarps is the best choice. Painting outside can be nice, but a little breeze and there’s grass and dust all over your wet paint. Take off everything you’re painting – cabinets doors and drawers and remove any hardware, like handles or knobs.
  3. It’s All in the Prep. Number one – make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. You can dust them with a damp cloth if not too dirty or use a gentle soap with warm water and a sponge to clean thoroughly and allow plenty of time to dry. Then, rough up the smooth surface so the paint doesn’t peel right off. Don’t go crazy – just roughen it up enough for the primer to stick, you don’t need to remove every bit of previous paint or finish. Wipe off with a clean, damp cloth and let dry fully.
  4. Prime Your Surface. Move to your open, flat area with tarps already set up and sand (with 120-grit), wipe and dry. Then prime all surfaces with the primer of your choice, Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE Primer is a great choice because it gives any paint a great foundation to stick to. Patience is a virtue, as you must wait 24 hours for the primer to dry before moving on to the paint.
  5. Smooth it Out. Hopefully, you bought plenty of sandpaper, as using a fine 120 grit paper to sand all surfaces will provide the smoothest, longest-lasting look for your kitchen cabinets. Focus on any drippy areas or parts where paint has pooled. Wipe again with a clean, damp cloth and give it time to dry 100%. Try wrapping the sandpaper around a small block or hard item to give yourself a flatter surface than your fingers for sanding.
  6. Finally: Painting Time! With the nylon/polyester brush you bought, gently apply the first coat of Scuff-X. Instead of messing up a painting tray, stretch a large rubber band around your can of paint, so the band stretches across the top and you’ll have a place to dip and wipe your brush without gooping up the sides of your can. 

Looking to save time? Try a microfiber or foam brush instead. With coat number one, you want to wait another 24 hours before applying the second coat. Is Scuff-X good for kitchen cabinets? Yes, when it’s applied correctly.

  1. Second Coat, Same as the First. Sand (with 220-grit) and wipe and dry, then paint a second coat on your kitchen cabinets. Once 24 hours has passed, you can put them back up, but 2-3 days of final drying time is highly recommended. Scuff-x is it water resistant? There’s only one way to find out – get out that blender and forget the lid!

Da Kine Paints provides helpful tools for your projects, like a paint calculator to figure out how much you’ll need without having too much or too little leftover for touchups. Also, check out more super helpful step-by-step guides that are available at

4 thoughts on “Scuff-X water resistant

  1. Which of all Benjamin Moore sheens would you compare the Scuff X semi-gloss?
    The Scuff X satin sheen sample looks very flat to me, but I don’t want my kitchen cabinets toooo glossy.

    1. The Scuff-X line tends to be slightly shinier than typical. If you are looking for something not too glossy, I would recommend the Scuff-X in a Satin sheen. Another line to consider would be the Advance in a Semi-Gloss sheen.

  2. Do I need a top coat on kitchen cabinets using Scuff X.

    The cabinets will be painted white.

    Does scuff x yellow after a few years?

    1. It is not necessary to top coat, but you could clear coat with “Stays Clear” for added protection. It will not yellow. It is a latex paint, should not yellow. Typically only oil based (Satin Impervo) or oil modified paints (Advance) will yellow. The absence of light will speed up the yellowing process.

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