Ways to Seal Aura Paint

Ways to Seal Aura Paint

Sealing your new paint job is a cinch, with the right tools. We’ll get into that in a bit, but if you haven’t yet heard about Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint, you’re missing out. A lot of research went into creating a paint that has low-VOC, is long-lasting, and has extremely good coverage—all with bright, long-lasting colors. There are a ton of reasons why Aura paint is a very popular choice for any area—interior or exterior. And why you should use a sealant to protect your paint’s integrity.

Why seal your paint?

Adding a layer of protection with a sealant means easy clean-up, longer-lasting paint, and a beautiful, subtle shine. When you’re thinking about areas that get a lot of use, like a kitchen, bathroom, or pieces of furniture, you’ll benefit greatly from taking the time to add a coat of sealant after your paint has fully dried. “Sealant” can mean two coats of paint, or using a product like Stays Clear sealant on interior jobs to keep heavily-used areas looking fresh. Now, onto Aura paint instructions for long-lasting paint jobs.

Paint in Layers

Have you ever seen someone who applies fresh coats of paint over old, bare paint and ends up needing to do it over and over again due to chipping, peeling, and painting over wet layers? It’s super ineffective and awful for the environment. Avoid the hassle and paint it right the first time, every time. Here are some tips to keep your paint job looking fresh for years.

  • Drastic Change? Prime it. If you’re totally changing the color of a room or the exterior of your house, like a pastel to a dark color or red to white, you’ll want to start with a primer. Though Aura paint has extreme hide, a big change would look best with a base coat.
  • Add color. Once fully dried, you’ll use one of thousands of Aura paint colors to finish your look. Make sure to check out the Aura Color Stories series, full of eye-popping colors perfect for summer. Paint a second coat for transforming, full coverage, and be patient—wait the full drying time in between coats.
  • Seal it in. Apply the Benjamin Moore Stays Clear sealant with a high-quality brush after the final paint has dried to enjoy super long-lasting paint—indoors only. See below for more detailed instructions on sealing.
  • Extra protection. For heavily-used surfaces, like countertops and kitchen tables, sand the last coat of sealant, wipe it down, then add another coat of Stays Clear sealant to finish the job.
  • Easy cleaning. Enjoy the simplicity of being able to wipe off spills, large or small, without damaging your paint. 

Aura Paint Instructions: Sealing Your Paint Job

Sealant options that provide the protection you need for long-lasting, bright colors.

There are a few options to seal your new paint job in to protect it from chips, peeling, and everyday use. Some prefer polyurethane, but that can yellow over time and has high VOCs, which isn’t ideal. Stay Clear is similar but won’t yellow over time.

We’ve heard of people using furniture or paste wax to seal painted chairs and tables, which may work for a desk, but not a busy kitchen table exposed to hungry kids and banging silverware. Wax can also melt if in high heat or near a window with beaming sunlight.

Use this! Whether you’re avoiding ugly brush strokes or want to extend the dry time for interior or exterior paint jobs, our favorite smooth-finish trick is the Benjamin Moore paint extender. It pairs beautifully with Aura paint, leaving bright, solid strokes without unsightly brushstrokes. With smooth application, very low VOC, and proprietary formula that lasts and lasts, this paint extender is one of the best choices on the market.

Sealing Aura Paint: Step-by-Step

To keep your paint looking fresh for years, brush on a life-extending sealant for longer-lasting results and follow these instructions after you finish your paint job. 

Gear Up. Make sure you get all you need before starting. You’ll want a container of Benjamin Moore paint, Stays Clear sealant, a paint tray, high-quality brushes, 220-grit sandpaper/blocks, a drop cloth or tarp, and a cloth for wiping sanded surfaces clean. Read all instructions and labels thoroughly!

  1. Dry and Smooth: After placing your drop cloth and your last coat of paint has reach the recommended re-coat time, give the new paint a quick overall sanding with your 220-grit sandpaper and wipe clean.
  2. Gently Stir: Take your brand new, premium paintbrush and gently swirl it around the sealant, but don’t go crazy – you don’t want to paint with bubbles.
  3. Paint Edge to Edge : Starting on one side of the piece of furniture, wall, or item, work your way from edge to edge in a smooth line, avoiding noticeable brushstrokes. Smooth out drips or bubbles with the edge of the brush while the sealant is still wet. Let everything dry for one to two hours before moving on.
  4. Let Dry and Sand: Sand the dried coat very lightly with your 220-grit sandpaper, just enough to create a rough surface for the next coat of sealant. Remove the sanding dust with a tack cloth.
  5. Final Coat and Cure: Apply the next coat of sealant. Let dry, sand and repeat up to three more times if you’re painting heavily used objects. No need to sand after the final coat, it’ll dry clear, smooth, and enhance your Aura paint with a sleek sheen. Let everything dry overnight and you’re ready to go the next day!
Why is Aura paint a good choice?

This super-premium paint comes in many styles, colors, and applications that work specifically for the job you have in mind. The interior, exterior, and bathroom lines all give you the same easy application, quick dry times, low-VOC, and extreme hide to cover up any imperfections or old paint. 

Take a look at what differentiates each paint and know that you can get nearly any color you want for any of these options. The paint’s patented Color Lock® technology keeps bold colors bright, so maybe it’s time to step on the wild side and go for that accent wall you’ve always dreamed of. 

Aura Paint Provides:

EXTREME HIDE AND SUPER-PREMIUM QUALITY, which means you can get a fresh, smooth look with only one, high-quality coat. 

SMOOTH APPLICATION AND EASY TOUCH UPS with a spatter-free, patented colorant system that gives you a thicker coat of dry film for leveling out little imperfections and avoiding unsightly brush strokes. Get an especially smooth finish by adding some paint extender.

LASTING FINISH AND EASY-TO-CLEAN with Color Lock® technology, this high-quality paint keeps scratches, scuffs, streaking, water spotting, and mildew from ruining your look. Especially when you use a sealant, like Stays Clear, your paint will look fresh for years. 

ZERO-VOC FORMULA FOR CLEAN BREATHING, meeting the strictest environmental standards, Aura also dries quickly, so you can move on to the next coat or the next job—after only one hour.

Why use Aura paint?

With Benjamin Moore’s patented Color Lock® technology, this paint is your number one choice for bright, bold, long-lasting colors to match your home to your vision. This paint even has a special series of colors called the Aura Color Stories, influenced by natural, bright colors and the light in a room. These delightful color choices don’t have black or gray colorants, letting the authentic colors shine through. Most acrylic paints include 2-3 pigments. With 5-7 pigments each (with no black or gray), these paints really pop! If you’re looking to spruce up an area of your home, a front door, a furniture set, or your entire home, Aura will stay true, bright, and cheerful throughout the years.

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  1. Aura is an amazing product. I live in southern california mountain at 5000 feet. I painted my house in 2020 and just did a wash, check up and touch up. It still looks beautiful and bright and had very little touch up needed. I was assured that my color would not fade and it hasn’t. It is a rich russet color. I’ll never use any other paint.

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