What is Nursery Safe Paint?

What is Nursery Safe Paint?

Creating a calm, safe space for the new baby is at the top of many expecting parents’ to-do lists. This often means painting the walls or furniture to match the look you’re going for. At Da Kine Paints, your local Maui paint store, we love helping our customers choose the perfect paint color for their baby’s new room! 

While paint is a fantastic way to freshen up your nursery, you’ll need to consider air quality. Indoor air quality is especially important where babies are concerned. Freshly painted indoor surfaces can increase exposure to toxic chemicals. 

You can eliminate these risks by choosing nursery safe paint and ensuring good ventilation. Here’s what you need to know!

Choose no-VOC, water-based paints

Are you painting the walls in a soft color or a calming neutral? Refinishing an old dresser to use as your changing table? If so, you’ll want to choose a water-based, no-VOC interior paint. 

What are VOCs?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are commonly found in paint and other household products. They are emitted as gasses while paint dries.

VOCs have been linked to a variety of issues including lung irritation, eye and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, nervous system damage, and more. Some VOCs can even be carcinogenic or toxic in high concentrations. Since babies and children are more sensitive, it makes sense to limit VOC exposure as much as possible. 

What are low VOC and no VOC paints?

Low VOC paint has less VOCs than other common paints. However, we don’t recommend low VOC for nurseries. While VOCs are unlikely to cause harm in low amounts, it’s better to be safe when it comes to a baby’s room.

No VOC paint is far safer by comparison. It’s nearly odorless and will only off-gas a very tiny amount of chemicals. These will dissipate once the paint is dry. No VOC paint is better for indoor air quality and better for the environment. 

If you want to avoid the new paint smell and keep toxins out of your home, you’re in luck. Benjamin Moore is committed to VOC free paint. The interior paint options are ideal for anyone who worries about indoor air quality. 

What are water based paints?

Water based paints release fewer fumes than oil based paints. This means they are low odor, low or no VOC and more eco-friendly. If you get paint on your skin or other surfaces, you can easily wash it away with soap and water. 

Acrylic paint and latex paint are both water-based. 

What nursery safe paint is available from Benjamin Moore? 

Benjamin Moore offers several nursery safe paint options. Any of the following zero VOC interior paint options are a great pick for your nursery: 

We highly recommend Benjamin Moore Eco Spec for its environmentally-friendly formula and AURA for its quality. 

In addition to having easy-to-use, durable formulas, the patented Gennex colorant used in these paints is also zero VOC. You can choose any color you want without worry.

What are the other benefits of zero-VOC paint?

In addition to being safe for your nursery, there are other benefits of high-quality Benjamin Moore paints! Formulated with safer chemicals, this paint can reduce contaminants in groundwater and landfills. If you want the “greenest” option possible, Eco Spec is a great environmentally-friendly choice. 

With all these zero VOC options, it’s easy to find the right paint for your needs and budget. At our Maui paint store, we can help you choose the perfect paint for your child’s room!

Ventilate for better indoor air quality

Even when you choose a water-based, zero-VOC paint for your home, you should be mindful of the painting process. Painting can release chemicals into the air. When using some types of paint, the VOCs in the air can skyrocket to over 1000 times higher than outdoor VOC levels. 

Whenever you’re painting, it’s a good idea to open your windows to keep the air flowing. This is helpful even if you’re using a low-VOC or no VOC paint. After all, even zero-VOC products can have a small amount of VOCs in them.  

If you want to take an extra step towards clean air, you can invest in an air purifier or open the windows for a few minutes each day. Changing or cleaning the filters in your air conditioning system is also a great way to filter the air. 

Consider paint dry time

If you need the room to be ready as quickly as possible, we recommend choosing a quick-drying paint. Paint will release odor and a small amount of airborne chemicals as it dries. These will dissipate once the paint is completely dry.

To help your paint dry more quickly, there are a few things you can do. First, apply light coats and don’t paint your second coat too soon. Use the instructions on the can of paint to figure out how soon you can paint a second coat.

While the paint is drying, you can run a fan, a dehumidifier, and/or your AC. Open the windows for airflow if it’s not humid outside. If you’re using one of the nursery safe paints we recommended above, it should be dry to the touch within just a few hours. 

If using a fan, try not to point the fan directly at the wall while the paint is drying. Indirect airflow is best. 

Once you are certain the paint is completely dry, it is safe for your child to be in the room. 

Choose the perfect paint color and design

There are thousands of colors to choose from, but here are a few favorites for nurseries.

  • Looking for a beautiful blush pink? First Light is a perfect soft and rosy pink.
  • Need a calm neutral? Sterling is a lovely light gray that will look good with many other colors. 
  • Green is trending this year! Woodland Green is a beautiful pick for a nature inspired nursery.
  • Blue Haze is a soft blue that will give the room a calming ambience.  
  • A sunny yellow like Wildflowers might be the perfect cheery color for your nursery.

If you want to use more than one color, you have several options. You can do an accent wall, do paneling on the lower half, or do stripes of different colors. Frog Tape and Delicate Surface painter’s tape by 3M are both great choices for these designs. 

Get Nursery-Safe Paint at Da Kine Paints

Questions or concerns about the paint you should use for your child’s room? Get in touch with your local paint supply Kahului location at Da Kine Paints. 

We carry Eco Spec, AURA, and a variety of other high-quality paint. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the color or type of paint you want, we’re here to help. We’ll do whatever we can to find you the right paint and supplies for your next project! 

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