Is Benjamin Moore Paint Toxic? 

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Toxic? 

Low odor, easy application, zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and possessing rich mildew resistant properties, it stands to reason why Benjamin Moore is a renowned VOC free paint resource that can improve overall aesthetics and quality of life. All in all, this might be a bit of a spoiler, but it is important to recognize right from the start that Benjamin Moore is a non toxic paint brand that was designed on a foundation of quality, transparency, and optimizing both your health and results. 

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Overall, between the unparalleled properties in conjunction with the Benjamin Moore Green Promise to solidify the standard/performance assurances of their eco-conscious VOC free paint, you can be confident that what you are getting will your expectations every time. But as wonderful as it is to know that Benjamin Moore has non toxic paint, it could very well pose the question of why VOC free paint matters to begin with and why this illustrious brand is so adamant about sticking to the Green Promise in the first place. 

What Is VOC Paint, And Why Is It Harmful?

First and foremost, VOC paint is a distinctive chemical that contains carbon. This carbon-based chemical can easily evaporate into the air, which is why paint companies in the past often integrate it into their products because it acted as the ideal medium to transfer paint from the holding can to the desired surface while aiding the paint’s flow. In addition, VOCs are known to help promote film formation and preserve paint while in the can, ultimately reducing its risk of spoiling over time.  

That may sound great on the surface, but the harsh reality is that those small advantages come at a large price. Because industrial paints that use VOC’s are inevitably exposing their customers and the environment to toxic emissions that can lead to both short and long-term health effects. In short, if you are “smelling” new paint, you are inhaling VOCs, which could entail chemicals that, when inhaled, can go directly into your bloodstream.

The solution? Go with zero VOC paint, it eliminates the risk of VOC emissions and you gain some benefits for your home, community, and the environment. Just be aware that some brands will ‘suggest’ that they offer VOC free paint, but will add tint (contains VOC’s) to the paint, making those claims disingenuous. To combat that, we use Benjamin Moore Gennex Paint tints instead of the traditional ones, as Gennex tints are VOC free – thus adding another entrusted layer to the zero VOC paint pledge of Benjamin Moore. 

Tips for the Non-toxic Painters

  • If you are sold on the Benjamin Moore Green Promise and desire to go the VOC free paint route, be sure that any walls you will be painting are cleaned properly beforehand. This means avoiding ammonia-based cleaning products and going with mild soap and water instead to remove stains and dirt. In addition, wait about 30 days from cleaning your space to when you start applying your non toxic paint.
  • Keep in mind that Benjamin Moore no VOC paint does not have the presence of fungicides, meaning it could be subjected to micro-bacterial contamination if you are not careful before, during, and after the application process. It is suggested that you are proactive to not put your painting tools directly into the can itself and use a separate container instead to reduce the risk of contamination and being mindful of sealing your cans as soon as you are done and storing them in a dry, cool location. 
  • It is true that you may have to apply more coats with zero VOC paint than paint that features those varying chemicals to achieve the same kind of results. Though that can seem like a lot more work on your part to apply at least two coats instead of one to obtain full coverage, you will gain better performance due to the longer recoating cycles as well as a seamless painting experience due to the higher applied film thickness that leads to faster applications.

The Benefits of Investing In Zero VOC paint 

With the ever-growing popularity and awareness of environmentalism, it became the catalyst for a boom in green labeled products and the paint industry was certainly part of that wave. The industry as a collective was known for pumping toxic chemicals into its products (ranging from watercolors to acrylics to oils) that have now shown to be hazardous to both people and the environment. 

That is why anti-VOC brands like Benjamin Moore have steered away from the historic norm with a core mission to accentuate the quality of life in and outside of the home. And the best part is that making the shift from VOC paint to VOC free paint offers an entire inventory of short- and long-term benefits ranging from health, quality, to longevity. 

  • Reduces/eliminates the accumulation of allergy-causing toxins. 
  • Reduces/eliminates the concentration of contamination in the groundwater, ozone layer, and landfills.
  • Enhances the air quality of your home – reducing or eliminating acute/chronic health concerns due to the release of zero toxic emissions.
  • Improves long-term performance due to the elongated recoating cycles.
  • Reduced risk of edge rust penetration due to the better edge retention during the drying phase.
  • Offers higher applied film thickness, which equates to faster application and lower labor costs.

All in all, Benjamin Moore non VOC paint is absent of all those harsh chemicals that can hinder your health and the environment that future generations would have to pick the pieces up from. Instead, our zero VOC paint is made of nothing but natural, raw ingredients such as natural resins, mineral dyes, and other water-based solvents that give off virtually no smell or any toxic emissions. 

Low-VOC Paint vs. VOC free Paint

As you can see, VOC free paint is a spearheading way to enhance the quality of your home, health, and the environment. However, be mindful of the terms low-VOC paint vs. VOC free paint. VOC free paint, like what Benjamin Moore supplies, means the paint possesses no traces of toxic chemicals, whereas low-VOC paint can continue to emit gasses in your home for several years, depending on the type of chemicals used. 

Summary – The Benjamin Moore Green Promise 

Premium levels of non toxic paint performance, exceeding strict US eco-conscious paint standards and improving the quality of your life as a whole. This is the base that Benjamin Moore built their entire zero VOC paint collection on and the Green Promise designation core notions they have been living up. 

In summary, Benjamin Moore is a notorious non toxic paint brand and as a collective has been a pioneering effort to influence better health, results, and standards across the board. Because if there is one thing for sure, everyone deserves to gain the luxury results without having to sacrifice their health along the way. And luckily, going with no VOC paint from a longstanding brand you can trust is a sure-fire way to cultivate that ultimate win-win scenario.

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