2022 Paint Color Trends Overview

2022 Paint Color Trends Overview

As we move into 2022, there is a lot of buzz around the color green. Consumers are seeing green options integrated more and more into their interior design choices. Design experts predict shades of green will begin showing up more and more on store shelves in the coming 12 months. 

It makes total sense that paint manufacturers would begin creating palettes to accommodate this decorating shift. A favorite paint choice among designers is Benjamin Moore, which is known for its high-quality formula and continues to wow customers with its on-point 2022 paint color trends palette. 

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2022 - October Mist

Benjamin Moore would like you to “make room for color” in 2022 with cool neutrals, comfy corals, and touches of buttery yellows. This year’s 2022 paint color trends palette features organic, botanical hues that combine seamlessly for endless decorating possibilities. Staying on trend, its Color of the Year is none other than the beautiful October Mist (1495), a soft, warm sage green. 

October Mist is a versatile paint color choice sensible for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen cabinets alike. While not the most adventurous color, October Mist certainly makes the 2022 green paint color trend accessible to a wide audience. 

As a matter of fact, six out of the fourteen color options chosen for Benjamin Moore’s 2022 paint color trends palette are green or have green undertones. These colors are distinct on their own yet can be matched with so many other colors like reds and yellows. 

This choice by Benjamin Moore is telling, given how positively the overall market has signaled in favor of the color green. Their 2022 palette also provides Hint of Violet, a beautiful compliment to green, suitable for many accent purposes. The overall feeling of Benjamin Moore 2022 paint color trends palette is organic and approachable.  

2021 Paint Color Trends vs. 2022

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021 - Aegean Teal

After years of flat grays, last year brought us a shift to warmer spa-like moods with 2021 paint color trends. Paint manufacturers were focused on feelings of wellbeing when releasing their palettes. Gray tones were certainly not gone, but they were mixed with shades of teals and blues. 

Benjamin Moore led the way by naming its Aegean Teal (2136-40) as the 2021 Color of the Year. A tranquil aqua teal blue, this color pushed trends in the perfect direction from serene grays to pallets of reflection and relaxation. As we moved into 2022, the paint color trend story continued seamlessly as organic greens replace the sanctuary of gray-blues. By understanding our customers moods, our color and design experts can provide color options to best fit every customer.    

Benjamin Moore Color Samples

Curated paint color trends are very inspiring but can also be overwhelming when you are faced with so many choices. Narrow your search and focus on your favorites. Paint has a huge impact on a space so choose to live in what you love. 

Two helpful visualization tools offered by us, your local paint store Kahului, are half pint paint samples and peel & stick paint swatches. These samples allow you to take paint colors you are considering into your home and visualize how they will behave. Every home has unique space and lighting. By utilizing samples, you can be 100% confident you are making the right decision before taping and rolling. 

Half Pint Paint Color Samples

Give your Benjamin Moore color samples a test run before you purchase a larger quantity. With these small versions of colors, you can replicate exactly what your paint will look like in your home. A best practice is to make sure you have an acrylic paintbrush (or several) small enough to fit into the half pint can sample(s). Then, choose a wall in the space you are planning to paint and brush on at least a 2-ft by 3-ft rectangle each of the colors you are debating. 

You will want to position the colors next to one another, but not quite touching. It may also be beneficial to paint color samples on several areas of your home, if your goal is to cover a large space. Colors change based on which direction the wall is facing and what base paint color is underneath.  

Allow the colors to dry and then look at them at different times throughout the day. Colors will change shades in sunlight and at nighttime. They will also look different depending on what types of lightbulbs are cast upon them. 

Once you’ve had a few days with your Benjamin Moore paint color samples, go with your gut and choose the color that makes you happy – which could be none. Don’t be afraid to admit that you might need to go back to the drawing board and find new inspiration. Afterall, the worst-case scenario is painting your home with a color you dislike.  

Peel & Stick Paint Samples

We offer a step above traditional paper paint chips – peel & stick 12×12 samples. Actual paint has been applied to these large-scale color swatches. Repositionable, the peel & stick samples adhere directly to your wall and are available in the most popular colors. 

For example, try the color in your bedroom and then move it to your kitchen for maximum decision-making versatility. The peel & stick samples are also flexible enough to be wrapped around corners and into wall edges. Removing these color samples is simple. They will not damage existing paint or leave residue.

Color Matching

What if the color you love isn’t found on traditional our color samples? From clothing to interior décor pieces and even from rival paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams color samples, matching paint color inspirations can come from all sorts of places. 

Thankfully, as your trusted paint supply partner in Kahului, we have the color matching technology to deliver the paint colors your space has been dreaming of. Simply bring the item or paint chip into our Maui paint store and allow Benjamin Moore’s paint with Gennex technology do the custom-matching. Your color will be brought to life in a matter of minutes.   

A Full-Service Maui Paint Store

Da Kine Paints offers expert paint advice and professional supplies as the only Benjamin Moore retailer on Maui. Ready for your next project? Let us help you choose the best color for your space. 

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